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Bad Drip Labs Bad Apple Iced Out Ejuice

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Bad Apple Iced Out by Bad Drip Labs is an exciting fruit and menthol flavored eliquid that combines the flavors of frozen red apples and icy Granny Smith apples. This flavor combo offers vapers a pleasant blend of sweet, sour, and menthol flavor. There's tons of apples in this delicious vape juice, so bad they're good!

Brand Name: Bad Drip Labs | Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 75/25 | Flavor Type: Fruit, Menthol

Bad Drip Labs Bad Apple Iced Out Ejuice Description 

They say one bad apple spoils the bunch, but hey, what do they know?  We went out exploring the nearby apple orchards and grabbed as many as we could find! We selected only the meanest and greenest sour apples we could find. The sharp taste of the Granny Smith apples leaps out from the clouds and wrestles your taste buds to the ground. That's when the sweet and gentle flavor of the red apple takes over, scolding the green apple for its harsh flavor. The smooth and crisp taste of the fresh red apples soothes your taste buds and fills your clouds with sweet and juicy flavor.

But just when your taste buds have calmed down, there's a wicked rush of menthol that freezes your taste buds into snowy oblivion! That's right, these cruel apples have a sneak attack of icy menthol, dead set on crushing your taste buds over a bed of fresh ice. If you're an apple and menthol fanatic like we are, you'll instantly fall in love with the delicious and natural flavor this icy apple vape juice has to offer. Satisfy your taste buds with the chilly taste of frozen wild October apples in every puff with Bad Apple Iced Out eliquid from Bad Drip Labs!