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Air Factory Salt Mango Ice Eliquid

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Mango Ice eJuice by Air Factory Salt is a sweet and juicy mango with the perfect kiss of menthol. Enjoy the polar opposite of a summer mango by inhaling the wintery rendition of this beloved fruit. Between the chattering of your teeth and the iciness of your clouds, your taste buds will be frozen with delight! 

Brand: Air Factory | Bottle Size: 30ml | Nicotine: 35mg/50mg | Flavor Type: Menthol, Fruit

Air Factory Salt Mango Ice Ejuice Description

It's a topsy turvy winter wonderland, where a soft blanket of snow covers a once-tropical paradise. The ocean's waves are frozen into a permanent ice sculpture, and the soft sands are now coated with a thin layer of ice. The cold winter sun sends harsh rays through the frozen palm trees and a wickedly cold breeze whips through the trees. You spy icicles hanging low on the island's mango trees, but your curiosity forces you closer for a better look. Upon inspection, you realize the icicles are actually frozen mangoes! Each fat orange and red fruit is frozen solid under a thick layer of ice.

You carefully break off the frozen mango and use a sharp rock to break it open. The mango is glistens with fresh mango juice, but the icy flavor of winter has seeped into the entire fruit. The refreshing mango flavor is still there, but now contains a wintery chill that is both refreshing and delicious! Instead of lamenting the loss of a summer favorite, now you can enjoy a winter rendition of the soft and juicy fruit. Feast on frosty mango slices, cold and sweet. The combined flavor of frosty menthol and juicy mangos is a winter vacation that your taste buds are sure to love, thanks to Mango Ice eJuice by Air Factory Salt!