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Air Factory Salt Blue Razz Ice Eliquid

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Blue Razz Ice Eliquid by Air Factory Salt is a frosty blue raspberry mixed with chewy taffy candy. Enjoy a sweet and icy vape juice that brings your favorite fruity taffy to life in e-liquid form! Your taste buds won't ever want to let go of this delicious frozen blue raspberry and taffy vape juice!

Brand: Air Factory | Bottle Size: 30ml | Nicotine: 18mg/36mg | Flavor Type: Menthol

Air Factory Salt Blue Razz Ice Ejuice Description

Blue raspberries are already hard to find, but to find frozen ones? Nearly impossible. That's why we took our sweet time in the throes of winter, searching every possible blue raspberry bush we could find. Once we had loaded up our carts with enough of the frozen berries, we made our way back to the vape lab. These sweet and frosty blue raspberries were frozen solid. No matter how long we left them to defrost, they still retained their icy flavor. We shrugged our shoulders and went with it, crushing the blue raspberries into an icy berry compote. 

We slowly stirred this frozen berry mush into a vat of liquid taffy. The blue raspberries instantly stained the taffy a brilliant blue and you could see tiny snowflakes appear in the sticky taffy. The taffy was pulled and stretched until we reached the perfect sticky consistency. We sampled the taffy and were blown away by the results! Enjoy the sweetness of the blue raspberry, along with the icy flavor of the menthol and the chewy goodness of the taffy, all in a single cloud! Blue Razz Ice eLiquid by Air Factory Salt stole our hearts, and we're sure it will steal your taste buds as well!