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Air Factory Melon Lush Ice Eliquid

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Melon Lush Ice eJuice by Air Factory features chilled honeydew melons and frozen watermelon wrapped in a ball of icy taffy. Treat your taste buds to an icy fruit and candy cloud with every puff! The chewy flavor of the taffy mixed with the frosty fruits creates an all-day vape juice you won't want to put down!

Brand: Air Factory | Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit, Menthol

Air Factory Melon Lush Ice Ejuice Description

A freak snowstorm covered the sprawling melon patches with several inches of soft snow. We harvested several wheelbarrows full of the frozen melons, intent on saving as many melons as possible. The watermelons were cracked in half to reveal an icy red melon flesh, cold and refreshing. It took some hard work, but we were able to carve out some thick wedges of the frozen melon! Next, we got to work on the smooth honeydew melons. These pale green melons were split in half to reveal the smooth green flesh within, still frozen solid.

After some necessary force, we were able to ball out the pale green melon flesh that bore a remarkable resemblance to snowballs. We tossed these frozen melons into a vat of liquid taffy. The frozen fruit blended perfectly with the chewy taffy, infusing the chill of winter and the sweetness of melon into the candy. The final product was stretched and pulled until the taffy was long enough to jump rope with! The taffy and fruit candy was then stuffed into the 60mL bottle of vape juice you see before you. Experience a frosty winter wonderland with this chewy taffy and frozen fruit vape juice, brought to you by Melon Lush Ice eJuice by Air Factory!