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Air Factory Custard Tobacco Eliquid

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Custard Tobacco eJuice by Air Factory is a rich and rolling tobacco vape juice, sweetened with the perfect touch of vanilla custard. Satisfy your taste buds with the smooth and bold flavor of Virginia tobacco and southern baked custard. Your daily vaping experience will never be the same without this delicious creamy tobacco flavor! 

Brand: Air Factory | Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Tobacco

Air Factory Tobacco Custard Ejuice Description

Air Factory already has an existing tobacco vape juice and a fabulous vanilla custard e-liquid. But for whatever reason, they decided to combine the two, much to our delight! The inhale begins with a soft and creamy custard. The smooth dessert flavor sings of warm vanilla, farm fresh cream, and pure cane sugar. The sweet treat instantly satisfies your sugar cravings and you blissfully sink into the mouthwatering flavor. But then the tobacco presents itself in the exhale with a bold wave of flavor! The rich and aromatic tobacco instantly warms your vape taste buds with the flavor of authentic Virginia tobacco leaves.

The tobacco flavor by itself is bold and flavorful, but it lacks a soothing sweetness. That's where the vanilla custard comes in! These two flavors are wonderful by themselves, but combined in a single vape juice, their power is unstoppable! Your taste buds deserve the sensual pairing of a rich and smooth tobacco flavor alongside a sweet and creamy custard dessert. Treat your taste buds to a unique vaping experience, filled with aromatic tobacco and delicious vanilla custard. Custard Tobacco eLiquid by Air Factory promises a flavorful cloud of tobacco and dessert in every puff!