Slam Cake

With the help of culinary experts, Summer Kutscher, the founder of Central Texas-based Slam Cake Vapes, created four popular e-juice flavors that quickly grew in demand. What started as a retail store became the famous “Slam Cake Line.”Slam Cake is the original eliquid that started the line. Each person seems to have an interesting description of its flavor. Some say it has the taste of a cake covered with sprinkles. Others say it tastes like cake pops, or even fruit candy cake. Morning is an award-winning e-juice that has the flavor of your favorite cereal. Nothing beats vaping this e-liquid in the morning.

There is little surprised it was awarded the Best Breakfast award at Vape Showcase Atlanta 2017. Peanut Butter and Jealous has the flavor of good old sweet, gooey, strawberry jelly and a rich peanut butter. This e-liquid will remind you of the sandwich your mom used to make for you to take along to school. Sublime is a blend of sour apple, peach and other fruit flavors. The sweetness and crisp flavor will leave you feeling refreshed.

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