WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Rounds Eliquid

Rounds Eliquid by Plus One Vapors has four awesome fruit flavors that you will never want to put down. Grab a 100ML today for Only $15.99!

The Rounds E-Liquid series contains some of the top-selling fruity vape liquids on the market. This e-liquid line is brought to you by Southern California-based Plus One Vapors. If you love fruity vape juice blends, then the Rounds series was made for you. Although the e-liquids in this line have a simple flavor profile, they are nothing short of spectacular. Plus One Vapors uses only the choicest ingredients to make its e-liquids, and you can tell from the quality of Rounds e-liquids that they are indeed premium vapes. Indeed, the e-juice flavors taste authentic and well-rounded. Some of the e-liquids in the Rounds line are Apple Kiwi, Blue Mango, Peach, and Water Dragon. Your summertime vaping will never be the same with Rounds' refreshing e-juice flavors. If you are looking for something with a touch of menthol, check out the Rounds Ice line. You get a bang for your bucks when you purchase Rounds e-liquids.


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