WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Pixe Eliquid

PIXE is one of the biggest brands in the vaping industry and offers great-tasting e-liquids made of high-quality ingredients. PIXE e-juice blends are inspired by Pixy Stix powdered candies which come in straws. PIXE e-liquids get the same sweet and sour taste that you get from Pixy Stix candies. If you enjoyed Pixy Stix candies during your childhood, then you must try PIXE vape juice blends.
PIXE e-juice flavors are easy on the palette. They do not taste overly sweet like some other candy vapes out there. PIXE e-liquids have a well-balanced flavor. They are neither too strong nor too light. You can easily vape them all day long. Some e-juice flavors in the PIXE series are Strawberry Pixy, Grape Pixy, Blue Raspberry Pixy, and Rainbow Pixy. PIXE e-liquids will satisfy your sweet tooth. They all have a spot-on flavor, and a smooth throat hit.


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