WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Milkshake Liquids Salt

Milkshake Liquids is a classic vape juice brand offering top-notch dessert e-liquids. The Milkshake Liquids brand is manufactured by Daddy’s Vapor based in California, USA. All the flavors in the Milkshake Liquids collection are made with some of the best ingredients. Unlike other dessert e-liquids on the market, you won’t get bored vaping any Milkshake Liquids. Examples of flavors in the Milkshake Liquids are Breezy Shake, Bananaza Shake, Shammy Shake and Panda Shake. These flavors contain nicotine salt.

Breezy Shake: This vape juice has the flavor of milkshake, cream and ripe strawberries.

Bananaza Shake: This e-liquid by Milkshake Liquids has the flavor of vanilla bean ice cream. These flavors are also joined by sweet ripe bananas.

Shammy Shake: This vape juice offers the flavor of creamy vanilla bean, ice cream and mint.

Panda Shake: This e-liquid has the flavor of chocolate cookies stuffed with cream and vanilla ice cream.


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