WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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What is a Vape Pod System?

Ultimate Vape Deals - What is a Vape Pod System?

Over 9 million people in the US reported smoking from vaporizers in 2014 and the number has continued to increase every year since.

This is because the industry continues to innovate on its products leading to more variety and options for consumers.

To cater to those who prefer customization and greater options, the mod systems that have been created are vast and complex. These systems allow people to control every element of what goes into their vaporizer from the flavor of cartridge down to the coils.

Of course, there are those who dislike how quickly e-pens run out of battery but also don't want to carry around a large, bulky mod they have to customize.

That's where the vape pod systems come in, they are the perfect middle ground between the two options which we cover below.


A Quick Summary of Vape Pod Systems

With a vape pod, you get the ease of use and discreet size that people love about vape pens and also a stronger battery that lasts longer.

Even then, there are different systems available to let you drill down to the level of customization that works best for you.

These systems are classified as either 'open' or 'closed' and knowing about these two options is the first step to figuring out if a vape pod is the way to go.


The Open System 

An open system vape pod means that you have more control and choice over your smoke.

Because you refill the e-juice yourself, it means you can shop online for a huge selection of different flavors that you can't get with a closed system.

This selection also allows you to buy large sizes of your favorite flavors. This not only saves money but also lets you choose your ideal nicotine strength.

People have used this to their advantages in both ways. Some people just want more nicotine and can satisfy that. Others are looking to quit their addiction to nicotine altogether so slowly phase it out by buying flavors with a lower amount every time they shop. That way they get the satisfaction of smoking while also curbing their addiction to nicotine.

Either way, open systems give a lot of customization. Their main downsides are having to manual refill liquids yourself, changing coils and other parts, and hassle of maintenance in general. 


The Closed System

Naturally, these have less customization, however, that does mean you get more convenience. 

No need for refills, just buy the pre-filled cartridges and put a new one in when the other finished. This also means that if you are smoking one flavor but fancy a change, you can just swap the cartridges around. With an open system, you have to finish the e-liquid you've put in before you can do this.

Because there are fewer parts you have to manage, these systems tend to be less expensive. This makes them both easy and convenient for people new to vaping and for those who are happy with the options available.

The main disadvantage for these types of vape pods is the lack of customization and options for flavor and nicotine strengths when compared to the open system. Also if someone wants a lot of nicotine and to take big draws, the closed system tend to lack the power to make it happen.


Is a Vape Pod System Right for You?

Ultimately, vape pod systems offer a solid middle ground between the lighter e-pens and larger mods on the market.

Their ease of use, portability, and low price range makes them a viable choice for many who want a more control but don't want a large price tag.

If you're interested, view our selection of vape pods to find the one that meets all of your needs at the price you can afford.

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