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Vaping 101: Does Vape Juice Go Bad?

Vaping 101: Does Vape Juice Go Bad?

Does vape juice go bad?

You’d think with over 35 million vape enthusiasts around the world, this would be an easy question to answer. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. With the market growing, you can expect a few myths to start flying around.

Don’t worry, we’ve got it all sorted out for you. Read on to discover how and when vape juice and go bad:

The Shelf Life of E-Liquids

The short answer is that, yes, vape juice goes bad after a certain time period. It’s the same compared to other food products since it comes with an expiration date. But it’s important to remember that it’s just an estimate—after that, there are no more guarantees that the contents will have the same quality.

For that reason, most e-liquids will have a 1-2 years expiration period. The main reason is the fact that its three components have two years’ worth of shelf life if stored in the right conditions. If you expose the liquid under extreme heat or direct sunlight, these components break down a lot sooner.

The real uncertainty for the e-liquid's expiration is its flavor. The duration of the flavors’ taste can vary since some can last up to a half-decade while the others lose flavor within two years. That means there’s no right way of telling whether the flavors will go stale at its estimated expiration date.

How to Determine if the E-Liquid Expired

With the current vaping market projected to reach $47.11 billion by 2025, the quality of your vape juice will improve. It’s due to the fact that various brands will compete for your attention as time goes by. It means that it’s possible for your vape juice shelf life will expand.

But what should you look out for if need to determine whether your e-liquid is stale? Here are some:

1. Storage Quality

If you put your vape juice in an unsuitable area, it might expire before its designated expiration date. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you can still use it. You need to inspect it if you want to risk trying the liquid past its expected date.

2. Liquid Separation

Inspecting the juice, it’s always important to check for separation. The e-liquid's heavier, denser components will sink to the bottle’s bottom. If this happens, try shaking it and see if they’re going to mix once again.

If the liquid mixes up after a few good shakes, it might still be good. Otherwise, it’s time to toss it out since it’s already way past its prime.

3. Smell Quality

After checking your vape juice expiration date, you can now take a quick whiff of the substance. In most cases, you can tell whether the vape juice is still good by the way it smells. It’s always important to remember that not all e-liquids will change a lot in terms of odor.

But the general rule of thumb is that if the vape juice looks or smells bad, it’s already spoiled. Don’t use it anymore or you risk getting into some health issues.

How to Store Your E-Liquid

If you don’t want your vape juice going bad before its expiration date, you need to take certain precautions. The best practice is to put your vape juice in a cool, dark place. It’s always ideal to put it away from direct contact with sunlight.

The main reason is that your liquid will heat up faster, causing it to break down. That’s why it’s important to ensure that it’s away from your window sills and your car’s interior. If your vape juice changes color, it might be a sign that it’s already past its expiration.

In most cases, the liquid starts turning yellow and grows darker as the time passes. It’s easy to prevent this from happening if you use dark-colored bottles. Keep them in a tight seal inside cabinets when you aren’t vaping.

How to Get Rid of Expired Juice

Getting rid of expired vape juice isn’t a simple, straightforward task. You need to dispose of the expired bottles in a quick and responsible way. There are a lot of methods of accomplishing this, but you need to avoid flushing it down the drain.

If you need to flush it all out, you need to dilute it first. Neglecting this, you’ll end up putting nicotine in your local watershed. That can cause some health and safety issues, as well as pollution and the destruction of local fauna.

Another alternative method is to put the vape juice into a kitty litter baggie. The cat litter absorbs the substance while keeping animals from becoming ill if they find it in your garbage. If you don’t own a cat, used coffee grounds will also do great in absorbing vape liquids.

You can also use expired e-liquid into a repellent. Dump it into a spray bottle and fill it up with water afterward. Insects and vermin alike aren’t fond of nicotine, so they keep distance when you spray it on your plants.

Does Vape Juice Go Bad? Find Out More Today!

Does vape juice go bad? The quick answer is yes but hopefully through our guide you've learned the deeper ins and outs regarding this loaded question.

In general, it isn’t that harmful to vape using an expired vape juice. But more often than not, it will lose its flavor while leaving a bad aftertaste. With all these into account, it might not be worth your time even if you end up saving some money.

If you aren’t in desperate need of vape juice, it’s better if you dispose of the expired or spoiled vape juice. You can save more money if you buy smaller quantities of vape juice once every few weeks. Remember, the vape will taste better if you get a fresher bottle.

In need of more information? Looking for the right vape juice? Contact us today and let us help!

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Brad Prevade - October 1, 2019

I put 8 bottles in my fridge and after about halfway( which is 1.5yrs to 2yrs or 4 bottles) I order more e juice the taste, color,and flavor in the new bottle is exactly the same and the need one. Fill in those empty spaces in the fridge.
I also keep another juice in the fridge too and i get the same result. Always fresh.

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