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Vapes on a Plane and Other Faux Pas

Ultimate Vape Deals - Vapes on a Plane and Other Faux Pas

Since the first vape pen hit the market in 2007, vaping has only become more popular. As a result, more people are vaping than ever.

However, not everyone views this as a good thing. In fact, there are quite a few pieces of vape legislation nationwide attempting to regulate our favorite hobby.

In the meantime, here's everything you need to know about vape laws and etiquette.


A Few Words On Vape Legislation

Before we go any further, let's talk about the most pressing matter facing vape enthusiasts today: E-cigarette laws.

Lawmakers around the country are having a tough time deciding what to do as there isn't enough science to conclusively say whether or not vaping is harmful.

As of now, it can be difficult to determine where you can and can't vape outside of your home. To remain polite, follow basic smoking laws.

In short, if you're out and about and want to vape, don't do so in an area where you wouldn't take a cigarette, too.


Vape Etiquette 101

As these important pieces of law get decided, you can do your part to reverse the bad rap vaping gets by following these guidelines for vape etiquette.


When In Doubt, Ask Permission

If you're hanging out with friends or in an Uber and want to vape, don't be that person who simply pulls out their vape pen and starts vaping away.

Be courteous to those around you and ask permission. It shows that you're compassionate and aware enough to understand that not everyone wants to smell that delicious new e-juice you got (even if it sounds strange to us).


Don't Vape Around Children

Again, follow basic smoking guidelines here. If small children are around, don't vape near them.

Kids are impressionable, and there's already a huge problem surrounding youth and smoking. Don't do anything to make it worse. Excuse yourself and head outside -- you may just save a life.


Educate Without Preaching

Though it's becoming increasingly rare, you may run into someone who doesn't know what a vape pen is. As a result, they may get upset and criticize you for smoking.

Take the high road and be patient. Let them know that it's a vape pen and that it's far safer than cigarettes.

On the other hand, should you encounter a smoker while vaping, don't judge them or try and change their minds. If they ask a question, that's awesome. Answer away.

But be wary of becoming pigeonholed as that preachy vaper. Live and let live is often the best approach.


Final Thoughts On Vaping Laws And Vaping Etiquette

At the end of the day, a lot of this is common sense. But since vape legislation is still largely undecided, it's best to remain calm and polite.

Ask permission and follow smoking guidelines (i.e., don't smoke around children or in public areas where smoking is prohibited).

Looking for an awesome new juice? Or maybe you just want to learn more about the world of vaping and vape pens. You've come to the right place.

Check out our site and be sure to get in touch if you have any questions.

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