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Vape Juice Flavors to Combine

Ultimate Vape Deals - Vape Juice Flavors to Combine

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Want to learn more about mixing vape juice? Not to worry! We are going to go over flavors to consider for mixing. Depending on what you crave, you can choose from a few different recipes below.

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Flavors to Choose from When Mixing Vape Juice

Blending vape juice is different from cooking. Some flavors will work well together, whereas others will clash.

Let's go over some flavors first before we look at some examples of recipes. You want to know about the flavors and how it works well with other flavors.


Fruity Flavors

Fruity vape juices like lime pair well with sweet fruit flavors. Consider adding lime to plum, strawberries, and tropical fruits. This will be a fresh complementary taste.

Strawberry is both a sweet and tart flavor. It goes well with vanilla, chocolate, or blueberry!

Apple is a richer taste than other fruits. It pairs well with caramel, ginger, and cinnamon.

Blueberry is a fresh and sweet flavor. It pairs well with tart juices like citrus, lemon, and ginger.


Sweet and Savory Flavors

Chocolate is a popular choice. We know that it goes well with fruit flavors, mint, and even vanilla! Hazelnut pairs well with chocolate and coffee juices.

Vanilla can blend with pretty much any flavor. Cinnamon adds heat to chocolate, caramel, and apple juices. Pecan goes well with cinnamon and apple.

Peppermint is a refreshing and smooth flavor. This is a different one but can blend well with lavender, grapefruit, chocolate, and even lemon.


Vape Juice Recipes

There are lots of recipes available. We've come up with a few and here is another bunch.

Banana pecan bread is a flavor that's popular. You can use banana and pecan vape juice to create this flavor. This will be a delicious treat that will melt in your mouth.

Another recipe you could try and make is key lime pie. This is a blend of caramel, key lime, and lime juice. This tastes almost as good as the real pie!

Peach green tea's made with peach, mango, and raspberry. You can make many different types of tea with other fruit flavors.

Menthol and coffee are a great combination. People like to add peppermint to their coffee or chocolate to add a bit of flavor. Consider these for an excellent recipe.

Vanilla is a such a favorite flavor. Try mixing it with fruit flavors or flavors like chocolate, coffee, or caramel. Check out this article we wrote about the ten best vape juice flavors.


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We hope you found this article helpful when considering mixing vape juice. It depends on what your favorite flavor is, and then you can narrow it down from there. Enjoy these recipes and get creative!

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