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Vape Bans State By State

Vape Bans State By State

For the past several months, panic on the part of government officials has been sweeping the nation concerning the practice of vaping. Vaping is regulated by the state, county, and city governments, which means that a variety of regulations concerning exist. However, due to recent reports of deaths and illnesses suspected to be related to vaping, an increasing number of jurisdictions have decided to ban it altogether, at least for a period of time. Following is a list of states that have jumped on the anti-vaping bandwagon. It's likely that more will follow suit in the future. Here's a state-by-state list of vaping ban information. 


Online and in-store sales of both nicotine and cannabis vape products, including devices, have been banned for four months by Governor Charlie Baker. The ban is scheduled to last through January 25, 2020.


The first state to initiate a ban against flavored vape products, it became illegal for retailers to sell flavored vape products on Oct. 2. The ban is scheduled to last for six months, but officials are already indicating that it may be renewed.

UPDATE 10/15/19

Michigan judge put a block on the state’s flavored e-cigarette ban citing evidence that it may cause adults to return to smoking more harmful tobacco products.


A ban on flavored vape products will go into effect in Montana on October 22 and will last for 120 days, which is the maximum amount of time the law allows. 

New York 

The state of New York attempted to enact an emergency ban on flavored vaping products that would have gone into effect on October 4. An appeals court granted a temporary restraining order against the ban. The court is scheduled to begin hearing further motions on October 18.


Oregon's vaping retailers removed all flavored vape products from their shelves on October 14 as the result of a six-month ban. 

Rhode Island

Rhode Island's Governor Gina Raimondo recently signed an executive order that bans flavored vape products in that state for two months. The ban went into effect on October 4.


Flavored vape products have been banned in Washington State as of October 10. The ban will last for 120 days. Governor Jay Inslee has stated that he hopes to extend the ban and to include all vape products during the next legislative session. 

States that are seriously considering jumping on the anti-vaping bandwagon include California, Illinois, Delaware, and New Jersey. The industry has been thrown into turmoil in states where it's been banned. Many vape shops are family-owned businesses and a number of them have stated that they plan to simply close their doors for good because of the ban. 

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