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The Truth About Vaping

Ultimate Vape Deals - The Truth About Vaping

Vaping is shrouded in a certain mystery. On the one hand, it's a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. On the other, people make a number of harsh claims about vaping and the products associated with it.

The divide between these two hands makes it hard for some people to know how to feel about vaporizers. We'll try to debunk some of the myths and get to the truth about vaping.


The Truth About Vaping: 5 Facts

Making the choice to vape is a personal decision, and it may not be for everyone. At the same time, you need to be informed to make a good choice. The information below will help you better understand vaping and its industry.


1. It's Not Nicotine's Fault

People associate nicotine with cigarettes, and rightly so because it is the active ingredient in cigarettes that makes them enjoyable. Because cigarettes are so closely-knit to ideas of cancer and poor health, people assume that nicotine is the problem.

The truth is that the carcinogens found in cigarettes are the cause of cancer, not nicotine. People believe that because vapes also use nicotine they cause cancer, and this is not true.


2. Vape Juices Aren't Dangerous

Because the e-liquid used to make vapor is ill-understood by the public, people assume it contains harmful things like anti-freeze and formaldehyde. The people create e-liquids scoff at these claims because these juices aren't made in a secret lab that plans to harm the human race.

E-liquids are well understood, and their ingredients are closely regulated and tested. Many studies have been performed on the contents of e-juices and the effects of vaporizing them.


3. E-Cigs Aren't Vape Pens

People often confuse the two, and this can be problematic. E-cigs are the products that look just like cigarettes but produce vapor. These products are often created by tobacco companies, and this causes people to mistrust them.

They are usually cheap and can be found at most gas stations. Vape pens, on the other hand, are sophisticated and possess a lot of chance for customization. In most cases, vape pens are created by independent companies who try to give you the best experience possible.


4. You Don't Need to Add Nicotine

Most vapes are highly customizable and allow you to vape without ingesting nicotine. Because nicotine is so addictive, people often assume that the act of vaping will get them hooked on cigarettes or excessive vaping.

Vaping is not the gateway drug to cigarettes. They can be used with varying levels of nicotine, even if that means taking all nicotine out of the equation.


5. You Don't Have to Understand Every Detail

People often take a big game about their vaping rigs. They use words like "cartomizer," boasting their knowledge of the subject. You don't need to be on their "level" to enjoy vaping.

It can help to understand the different elements of a vaporizer but not knowing these things in no way prevents you from using vapes.


Get Involved in Vaping

The truth about vaping is they are far less harmful than cigarettes, and there's a lot of culture that surrounds them. People love vaping, and we're here to promote that.

If you're interested in learning more about vaping, buying vape juice or products, and taking advantage of some of the best vape deals online, we've got you covered

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