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Ultimate Vape Deals - Trump's Effect the Vaping Industry?

Many have been wondering about the policy changes that will be coming as a result of Donald Trump being elected into power. The vaping industry is most especially concerned about the direction that legislation's will be taking. Will they be pro-vaping or against vaping?

In the past, Donald Trump has voiced his reservations against smoking, but many have been concerned whether or not that will extend to vaping. It is expected that Donald Trump's government might promote vaping as an alternative to smoking, but then again, that is all speculation.

On a totally different angle, Donald Trump has shown great re solve against Chinese products, or rather, reducing the influence of the Chinese market on the US economy. A lot of the vape pens being used at the moment are manufactured in China. If these products are cut off, then there is going to be a little issue with the availability of vape pens. On the other hand, since the liquid is manufactured in the US that might mean that the companies will lower the price, which is a welcome change for any vaporizer.

The biggest issue is the regulations on vaping that have been put in place by the FDA. Those regulations restrict the free use of vaping products in a number of spaces unless under certain conditions, such as the privacy of one's home. The effect this has had, especially to smoker looking to quit smoking in exchange for the more beneficial option, which is vaping, is exceedingly restrictive.



A lot of vaporizers are intent in finding out how Donald Trump's leadership will influence the FDA's decision to classify e-cigarettes as a tobacco product. At the very least, there is the expectation that he will want to change some of Barrack Obama's policies and that might start with the people that promoted or enforced those policies, such as the director of the FDA. If the regulations on vaping are made less constrictive, then there might be a significant change in the vaping industry.

Conclusively, whether Donald Trump's leadership will affect vaping is guaranteed. However, the direction that this effect will take, whether positive or negative is unknown. At the same time, it is still too early to tell whether the change that will arise will come from a direct or indirect intervention. A chain reaction caused by a change in other policies might affect vaping, as is the case with the China trade situation in just the same way as a direct change in policy such as easing the regulations on vaping, might have the same effect.

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