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The Best eJuice for Blowing Clouds

The Best eJuice for Blowing Clouds

The first commercially successful vape pen was created in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. After his father, a heavy smoker, died of lung cancer, Lik wanted to create an alternative to smoking that was not as damaging.

Since then, there have been many individuals and companies with their hands on all things vaping. And today, there is a myriad of options when it comes to flavors, nicotine levels, and smoke quality.

One of the complaints made by smokers who switch over to vaping is that the smoke quality is not the same as smoking a cigarette. They want to be able to create those same big clouds.

Now, there is plenty of vape juice that both mimics and surpasses the smoke and cloud quality of regular cigarettes. But which ones are they?

Keep reading to uncover the best juices for making those big clouds.

What Is Vape Juice Made of?

Propylene Glycol (PG) is the main component of e-juice. It holds flavor well, and it's been deemed safe to ingest and inhale by the FDA. The substance is already used in toothpaste, shampoos, and inhalers.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is another main component of e-juice, though it has a much bigger role than in the past. While VG does not hold flavors well, it does produce A LOT of vapor.

Years ago, vape juice used to contain around 90% PG. But because PG absorbs water, people complained that vaping left them dehydrated. Because of this fact, VG was added in higher quantities to balance out the PG. Nowadays, you don't typically see concentrations of PG being more than 70%.

The nicotine that's added is always pharmaceutical grade. Most manufacturers make their vape juice in a variety of options when it comes to nicotine levels. The nicotine is derived from tobacco plants, which is why all vaping products are considered to be tobacco products.

The nicotine level doesn't typically go beyond 36 milligrams per millimeter. But there are options that have 0% nicotine, making vaping an easy alternative to wean oneself off tobacco.

The flavor is the last ingredient. The substances used to create those flavors vary by manufacturer.

Some manufacturers use other additives to create more of an impact on the throat so that it mimics the feel of a real cigarette.

How Do You Know Which Vape Juice Will Give You Those Big Clouds?

So what's the perfect vape for making those big clouds? Because of the demand for a smoky aesthetic, there are many vape brands that provide that smoke.

The key is the perfect ratio of VG and PG, or the vape juice being more VG-dominant. As we mentioned prior, PG will hold flavor well but doesn't give you the best smoke on your toke.

VG, on the other hand, produces excellent smoke. There are even competitions to see who can blow out the biggest cloud. So while some people only care about the nicotine, the flavor, and the feel on the throat, more and more people are taking a liking to the best e-juice flavors that produce smoke.

Keep in mind that the more VG that is in your vape juice, the less of that throat hit you'll feel because the level of PG is less.

If you're starting out or you just want more clouds, look for a vape juice that has a 50/50 ratio of PG to VG. That way you'll get a bit of that throat hit and still have lots of flavors to choose from, but you will be able to blow out smoke that mirrors that of a cigarette.

What Are Some of Those Cloud-Boasting Vape Juice Flavors and Types?

If you’re looking for some huge cloud production flavors that actually taste great too, here’s a selection of vape juice flavors you can look into.

With an 80/20 ratio of VG to PG, Looper by ANML, is capable of some serious cloud production. If you’re ready to start blowing some serious clouds, this is definitely a vape juice you want to add to your tool belt. 

Keep it 100 is another great vape juice for cloud production, and it tastes absolutely delicious. In fact, Keep it 100 flavors like Keep it 100 Blue Slushie, and Blue Slushie iced are easily some of the best of the industry.

Kryptonite by Cosmic Fog is a great starter vape juice, with a 50/50 ratio of VG to PG. You'll get a yummy flavor of candy melon with this one, and you'll still be able to make some pretty puffy cloud smoke.

Hawaiian POG by Naked Vape Juice has a 30/70 ratio of PG to VG, which means you can blow some serious clouds with this flavor. Great flavor, big clouds, what’s not to like!

Start Having More Fun by Making Big Clouds

Despite all the controversy, making vape juice is actually not that complicated. It isn't just a new fad. It's been around long enough for manufacturers to perfect the ingredients and have guidelines to follow in doing so.

It's still a tobacco product, but there are varying levels of nicotine so that you can actually vape without using any at all. It's an excellent alternative to smoking and can be made better for your body based on the amount you use it and the levels of nicotine that you look for.

One of the many benefits of moving from cigarettes to vaping is that it can look and feel like a cigarette and also produce big fluffy clouds like a cigarette. Furthermore, there are tons of flavors to choose from!

There are even cloud-blowing competitions for those cloud-loving vape pros. Want to make sure that you're choosing safe products? We can help: here are three vaping liquid ingredients to avoid.

To learn more about other vape tricks you can learn how to do, here’s a great article: https://www.ultimatevapedeals.com/blogs/vaping-news/how-to-blow-os-and-other-vape-tricks


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