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  • 5 Pineapple E-Liquids for Some Tropical Goodness
    February 24, 2021 Michael Scott

    5 Pineapple E-Liquids for Some Tropical Goodness

    Pineapple is arguably the number one tropical fruit. No other fruit seems to capture the summer vibe like pineapple. It is easy to assume that pineapples originated in Hawaii. However, we have South America to thank for this fruit. Pineapple...

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  • 4 Pomegranate E-Liquids to Try Today
    February 15, 2021 Michael Scott

    4 Pomegranate E-Liquids to Try Today

    Pomegranate is one of the truly unique fruits in the world today. It may come as a surprise to learn that pomegranate is a berry and is actually classified as a super fruit. The word pomegranate actually means many seeds....

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  • 5 Tropical Vapes for a Memorable Vaping Experience
    January 29, 2021 Michael Scott

    5 Tropical Vapes for a Memorable Vaping Experience

    You can vape just about any flavor combination you can think of on the market today. For example, you can vape all the tropical fruit e-juices you want without the calories. The right blend of tropical vape juice flavors will...

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  • Best Kiwi E-Liquids Available In Our Store
    January 28, 2021 Michael Scott

    3 of the Best Kiwi E-Liquids Available Today

    The electronic cigarette market is filled with almost every kind of e-liquid flavor you would think of. There is hardly a flavor that you could think about that has not already been brewed into a form that can be vaporized with...

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  • Mango E-Liquids | Ultimate Vape Deals
    December 30, 2020 Michael Scott

    5 Impressive Mango E-Liquids

    Mangoes are one of the most popular e-liquid flavors among vapers. Some of the biggest vaping brands have mango-flavored e-liquids. This piece will focus on the most impressive mango-based blends available at our store.     1. Air Factory Mango...

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  • Peach E-Liquids
    November 6, 2020 Michael Scott

    10 of our Favorite Peach E-Liquids You Must Try!

    Peaches have been cultivated in China for many centuries. This fruit is thought to be one of the favorites of ancient Chinese emperors. Peach is thought to have been introduced to Europe by Alexander the Great. Peaches were very popular...

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  • E-juice Bundles
    October 21, 2020 Michael Scott

    3 Unbelievably Affordable E-Juice Bundles

    There are loads of e-liquids on the market, and at Ultimate Vape Deals, we have some of the best among the lot. You will find all your favorite e-juices and more at our store. Our collection of vape liquids come...

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