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Sense of Taste and EJuice Flavors

Ultimate Vape Deals - Sense of Taste and EJuice Flavors

In Sanskrit, the word “rasa” is used to describe an essence or a taste. It denotes an emotional reaction to the flavor of something which cannot be put into words. Tastes deeply affect our cognitive functions. They act as a lasting imprint on our minds of a certain experience, whether it be eating delicious food, or getting saltwater in your mouth while swimming in the ocean. For many users, the best part of an e-cigarette is the fact that you get to choose what flavor you want to taste while vaping. But there is more to be said about these flavors and their effect on the brain and body.


How Taste Works

When we describe the taste of something, we are generally recalling and putting into words an experience of pleasure or displeasure. Flavor results from the fusion of tastes and smells you perceive to be associated with what you are consuming. Our sense of taste and the flavors we identify used to be our only way of knowing if food was good or not. Because of evolution, our sense of taste is connected with our emotions. Certain tastes make us gag, and others make us salivate. This is because our taste and smell are both linked to the involuntary nervous system. It is for all of these reasons that we associate flavors with different ideas, memories, and even experiences.


Flavor Associations

There are five classified tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savory. Each one of them is related to a biological signal sent to our brain when we consume something.

  • Sweet tastes are associated with sugars--a source of energy. The body craves these as a means of potential energy, like the feeling that comes during a sugar crash. The body is asking for more of that sugary taste because it needs more energy.
  • Sour taste signals the potential of rotten food. The puckering reaction that follows is meant as a warning sign that this food may be harmful.
  • Salty taste is regulated by the brain: the body instinctively craves what is necessary to function. But too much salt tastes bad, which inhibits the over-consumption of the mineral.
  • Bitter tastes are associated with foods that are poisonous to eat. As a matter of survival it was imperative that early humans had a part of their sense of taste that warned them not to eat a particular plant due to its poisonous properties.
  • Savory tastes evoke pleasant and comforting emotions. They indicate a protein-rich substance.


So, knowing what each type of taste signals to your brain can help you choose the best EJuice flavor for you. It all depends on what you’re in the mood for.


The Most Popular EJuice Flavors

Research shows that some of the most preferred EJuice flavors are sweet and fruity--such as strawberry, chocolate cake, blue raspberry, and bubble gum. The sweet flavors may be the most popular because sweetness signals to the brain that a source of energy is entering the body. Sweet juices rejuvenate and energize, which is why it is understandable that they are ranked so highly. Sweet tastes also stimulate the production of saliva in the mouth. This can be appealing to the vaper who commonly gets dry mouth.

Whatever the flavor, EJuice mixtures meet FDA Generally Recognized as Safe standards. They come in natural or artificial flavors. The natural flavors contain no additives or sweeteners, while the artificial flavors have been extensively tested to prove their safety. So your choice really depends on what flavor most pleases you.


Does Nicotine Affect EJuice Flavor?

Not all EJuices contain nicotine. It is, however, a central part of the satisfied craving one gets from vaping. Nicotine causes a release of dopamine in the brain, which activates the reward or pleasure center. Through this biological reaction, the flavor of the EJuice becomes more powerful and pleasant. The more nicotine in the EJuice, the more dopamine that is released, giving the flavor a seemingly greater concentration.

Nicotine also speeds up the oxidation of the EJuice, causing an enhancement of flavor. Much like how red wine needs to sit before you can fully enjoy it, some EJuice manufacturers allow time for the oxidation of their mixtures in order to elevate the flavor of them.

All in all, you should choose the EJuice flavor that gives you a good feeling. From the five tastes, it seems that sweet flavors are a good bet to begin with if you’ve never vaped before. There are plenty of options for you at Ultimate Vape Deals. You can read reviews to find what flavors other have enjoyed, and try your hand at a Mystery Bundle Box if you feel like throwing caution to the wind. And don’t forget--taste is subjective, so if your friends don’t like your EJuice flavor, that just means there’s more for you!

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