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Mech Mods vs Box Mods

Ultimate Vape Deals - Mech Mods vs Box Mods

Our love and fascination with vaporizers and e-cigarettes has exploded drastically in recent years, but this love affair goes way back. The first documented mention of an electronic cigarette dates all the way back to a patent created in 1927, though the first e-cig wouldn't become commercially viable until 2003. 

So if you're late to the party and trying to get in on the fun, we'll walk you through buying your first vape. 

Now, a common question we get from newbies is "Should I get a mech mod or a box mod?" We'll run you through the pros and cons of mech mods vs box mods below.


Mech Mods vs Box Mods: What's the Difference?

We should start off by saying that this is somewhat of a false dichotomy. These two things are not mutually exclusive. A mech mod can be a box mod, and a box mod can be a mech mod. They can potentially be one and the same.

Let's go into this further. 


What is a Mech Mod?

A mech mod, short for "mechanical module," is simply a vaporizer that houses one or more batteries and draws power from these batteries in an unimpeded, unmitigated fashion.

With a mech mod, you can draw as much wattage and power from the batteries as you like, and more wattage typically means fatter clouds. This also means that you run the risk of overheating the batteries, burning the atomizer coil, and potentially hurting yourself. 

These days, though, most vaporizers are power-regulated, which means that have internal circuitry, software, and a user interface that helps control the wattage coming from your batteries more safely. 


What is a Box Mod?

Above all else, a box mod is simply a vaporizer that has a box-shaped battery housing. In theory, a box mod can also be a mech mod. But box mods typically get their boxy shape because they're housing other circuitry related to power regulation. 

This is the real dichotomy you should be concerned with: mechanical vs. power-regulated vaporizers.


Which is Better?

When deciding between a mechanical mod or a power-regulated box mod, the choice is ultimately up to you, though we might recommend a power-regulated vape, especially for someone new to vaping

Mechanical mods can be potentially dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. However, if simplicity is what you want most in a vape, there is nothing wrong with a mechanical mod. That is, as long as you know not to abuse the battery. 

On the other hand, the main advantage to box mods is that they typically house bigger batteries, which means you won't have to go through the hassle of charging your vaporizer as often as you would with a mech mod or even other power-regulated mods of different shapes. Plus, a power-regulated mod lets you better control your vape, which will allow you to blow fatter clouds.


Ready to Buy Your First Vape?

Hopefully, this explanation on mech mods vs box mods has given you the information you need to make the correct purchasing decision. If you're looking for a place to buy a vape and all the vape accessories you'd ever need, be sure to check out the hardware section of our site.

We've got everything you need to get you started. 

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