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Is Organic Vape Juice a Thing?

Ultimate Vape Deals - Is Organic Vape Juice a Thing?

Are you looking for ways to improve your vaping experience? Many vape users are switching to organic vape juice.

The organic market is taking over everything; from food to skincare and now vape juice, all consumers want a natural and healthier way to live.

But the labels can be misleading. Labeling a product as "organic" is difficult and many companies found ways to bypass this organic label. To create organic vape juice, only specific flavors can be used since most flavors are created artificially.

With the rise in organic vape juice popularity, it's important consumers understand what organic vape juice means. Here are all of the facts about organic and natural vape juice.


Is Organic Vape Juice Real?

While better than artificial or genetically modified products, organic products still face scrutiny. The USDA only requires products with the "organic" label to be made of 95% natural products. But what about the other 5%?

This is the case for vape juice. The main ingredients in vape juice are synthetic ingredients; specifically propylene glycol. Even though nicotine occurs naturally in some plants, many vape juice manufacturers use nicotine additives.

In the United States, vape juice has to be approved by the USDA.

But the difference between vape juice and a product like food is the USDA has a system set in place to identify organic and non-organic food. They don't have a system in place to detect organic vape juice.


How to Find Organic Vape Juice

Without the safety of a USDA label, many consumers are going to have to find organic vape juice the good ol' fashioned way:

  • Reading labels
  • Doing your own research

Fortunately, this process isn't as difficult as it sounds. Here are some tips to remember:


Vape VG-Based Liquid

PG may not be organic but there's another vape juice component that is: vegetable glycerin. VG is derived from, well, vegetables. Organic vape juice brands make their liquid with 100% VG and natural flavoring.

Here's the drawback: these juices are extremely rare to find. They're also more expensive than traditional vape juice. But vaping 100% VG liquid is the closest you can get to organic vape juice and you'll be able to vape big clouds.


Organic Flavoring

You can also search for organic vape juice by looking for brands who use natural flavoring.

Unfortunately, there's no way to naturally shove a strawberry milkshake or a caramel latte in e-liquid. So your organic flavors are limited to fruit and other simpler flavors such as vanilla.

But this doesn't mean the e-liquid is bland or low-quality. You'll still get a flavorful punch with each draw. Organic vape juice brands are also becoming more creative with their flavors to keep up with market demand.

Here are some examples of organic flavor:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, etc.)
  • Fruit
  • Tropical flavors (pineapple, coconut, etc.)
  • Floral (jasmine, etc.)

As long as the label reads 95% or even 100% organic, they're trustworthy.


Will You Try Organic Vape Juice?

Many vape users are switching their vape routine to organic.

But there are some facts you should know about organic vape juice. You're limited to what you can buy and there's no set system for the label. But you still have plenty of options to use delicious organic vape juice.

Are you looking for organic e-liquid? Take a look at what we have in stock.

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Lana - January 29, 2019

Thanks for the article. Recently went to a vape shop looking for organic juice. The guy looked at me like I had 6 heads. Looks like I’ll have to do my research and seek them out. Thanks again!

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