WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Cough When You Vape? Here's How to Stop It

Cough When You Vape? Here's How to Stop It

Your lungs are designed to breathe air. But the air we breathe isn't just oxygen, and hydrogen. 78% of it is nitrogen and at least 4% of it is water vapor. 

We can learn to breathe more than pure air and assimilate other chemicals. Some things irritate the lungs more than others. And after smoking, it might seem a vape pen or e-cig is more irritating. You can train your body to accept it.

Here's how to vape without coughing. Let's take this in gently.

1. Why Do You Cough When You Vape?

Many vapers report coughing when they start. That might seem like an alarming rate, but most report a reduction in coughing after a few weeks. This means the effect is temporary.

But why does it happen?

Tobacco cigarettes contain anesthetics. These are ingredients which deaden the nerves in your throat so you don't feel the irritation. You're still coating your throat with irritants, you just aren't reacting to them.

E-liquids don't generally contain these chemicals because vaping actually doesn't cause as much irritation. It's a different chemical, so your body isn't used to it, but if you tried to smoke straight tobacco just cured, you'd have a worse reaction. It would be like breathing campfire smoke. 

It Could Be the Technique Too

Cigarette smokers inhale smoke differently than how vapers draw vapor. Cigarette smokers draw directly into their lungs. Vapers draw into their mouth like a pipe smoker first and then inhale. 

The flavor of the e-vapor is more important to the vaper than the taste of the cigarette is to the smoker. If you're just transitioning, you might just be doing it wrong.

2. How to Vape Without Coughing

Some might say, "suck it up buttercup!" But we're not that mean. We want you to enjoy your e-cig and vape pen and not feel like you can't breathe. 

There are a few ways you can mitigate the effects of the vapor on your poor throat. Here's some advice:

Cut Some of the Nicotine

It could easily be the nicotine irritating your throat. It is an irritant, after all. 

Try finding an e-liquid that doesn't have as much nicotine. You get about 0.5-15.4 mg of nicotine in every 15 puffs. Looking at the label and choosing a lower-nicotine e-liquid could help you tolerate the vapor.

The only problem with this method is you won't get a throat hit. Smokers are used to that immediate rush of nicotine. If you experience this, try using a higher powered vape pen.

It Could Be a Number of Factors

Vaping involves more variables than smoking. You could reduce the PG in your vape juice. You could try changing the airflow settings, reducing your wattage or even changing the flavor of your e-liquid.

It really could be as simple as being an ingredient in the flavoring. But whatever it is, learning how to vape without coughing just takes some troubleshooting and experimentation. 

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