WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Hitt Go Disposable Pen vs. Ultimate Disposable Pen

Hitt Go Disposable Pen vs. Ultimate Disposable Pen

Disposable vape pens are no longer a thing of uncertainty as more and more vapers buy into the pleasures that this type of device has to offer. Their increasing popularity is understandable considering they deliver a compact and easy-to-use alternative that can come in handy in just about any condition. They all come prefilled and precharged and cannot be refilled or recharged, hence the idea behind the name “disposable”, you get to simply toss away an empty unit once it is exhausted and pick up a fresh one.
If you are a casual smoker and you don’t want to bother about the fuss associated with vaping; you probably do not vape enough to bother about rechargeable batteries, or maybe you are just on a tour and don't want to tag your standard pen or mod along, a disposable device will be the ideal replacement to fill in that position and deliver a vaping sensation that would feel just right.
In the world of vape devices, tons of manufacturers come up with products now and then to satisfy the ever-evolving needs of vapers everywhere. If you are just starting, the plethora of choices could be a bit daunting. In that case, we would be comparing two of the industry’s finest, high-quality disposable devices that you may also want to consider getting when starting your journey, or adding to your collection if you have been vaping for a while and are looking for a bit more excitement.
Hitt Go Disposable Pen
The Go Disposable Pen from Hit is a sleek looking device. Straight from its pack, you get to admire the simplicity and elegance of its design. They didn’t go to any lengths to add any fancy gimmicks which just emphasizes the true essence of a disposable device - simplicity.
Overall, the device measures 100mm by 20mm x 70mm so it is small and sleek enough to fit comfortably in your pocket when you are on the go. You can easily bring it out for a quick drag wherever and whenever. It weighs only 15g so it does not feel heavy even when you are carrying it for a long time. As a plus, the body and sides of the device are finely rounded off so it feels smooth and comfortable in your hand.
The Hitt Go disposable pen is available in a variety of colors, and just like many other disposable vape devices on the market, the color of the device correlates with the flavor of the pre-filled vape juice.
The mouthpiece of the device is clearly defined by a black notch, unlike most disposables that just have arrows pointing to where the mouthpiece is. The mouthpiece is nicely rounded off so it feels natural in your mouth. The device uses a convenient draw-activated firing mechanism so you just need to place the mouthpiece in your mouth and take a nice long draw.
The pre-filled vape juice features a proprietary salt nicotine blend; it contains 50mg/ml of nicotine meaning that you get a good amount of nicotine with every drag. If you thought this little device would do nothing about your nicotine cravings, one drag would no doubt prove you wrong.
You can get the Hitt Go disposable pen at out store for only $9.99. We have varying flavor of this pen including Watermelon, Strawberry, and Tobacco.
Ultimate Disposable Pen
The Ultimate Disposable Pen features a similar design to many other disposables in terms of its rectangular build. It sports a slim rectangular shape with sharp edges. It has all of its working components housed inside of its body.
At the top of the device is the mouthpiece that features escape holes where you will be able to receive the vaporized vape juice from. The mouthpiece is not as obvious, although it is still pretty easy to locate since it sports a different color than the rest of the device - black. It is also slightly bevelled for it looks different from the rest of the device.
Just like many if not every other disposable vape device, the Ultimate disposable vape pen is draw activated. You just need to place the mouthpiece in your mouth and take a drag, pretty easy right?
Inside the chassis is an ejuice tank that is prefilled with 1.2ml of vape juice. The vape juice is mixed with salt nicotine to deliver strong throat hits that are not harsh or overpowering in any way. In each unit, regardless of the vape juice flavor that you choose, you get 50mg/ml of salt nicotine. This is especially suited for heavy smokers who still need a good hit so they do not get to feel left out.
The Ultimate Disposable Pen is selling for only $5 at our store. We have different flavor of this disposable vape pen including Peach Perfect, Kool Grape, and Blue Crush.
Battery Capacity
The Hitt Go Disposable Pen comes with a 280mAh battery that can fire between 7W to a reliable 12W. This is just about enough to keep you vaping for up to a week depending on your rate of use. In the case of the Ultimate Disposable vape pen, you are guaranteed a whooping 400 puffs from a single unit. This is way over a pack of cigarettes, so you are sure to be vaping for a long time.
The draw from the Hitt Go disposable pen is smooth and consistent. It delivers soothing and refined vapor clouds with enough nicotine to keep you satisfied all day long. The vape juice flavor is also a refreshing delight to your taste buds, and you get to choose the exact flavor that would best suit your preferences. The Ultimate disposable delivers an electrifyingly sweet flavor that is packed with nicotine hits to quench your cravings when they come knocking. The hit is smooth and the flavor is consistent from the very first drag, down to the last.
Since both devices feature a draw-activated firing mechanism, they are both pretty simple to use, even if you have never had any prior vaping experience.
Overall Conclusion - Which Should You Go For?
Both the Hitt Go and the Ultimate disposable vape pen are giants in their own right. They are both disposables that deliver almost the same amount of power and quality. However, you may find some variances in the vape juice flavors. Regardless, they are both great disposable vape pens that would make every ex-smoker feel right at home.
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