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A Smart Guide to Selecting the Right Vape Device

A Smart Guide to Selecting the Right Vape Device

Interested in vaping? You aren't alone. By the year 2021, it's estimated that around 55 million adults worldwide will vape.

Ready to start your vaping journey, but unsure where to start? Want to be sure you get set up with a good device?

You are in good hands. Keep reading below for a few key items to consider when shopping for vape systems.

Size of Device

Before making any purchase, consider how you will use your vape and what that means for sizing. Many people like to vape while moving. As such, portable devices are the most popular.

Portable vapes often come with rechargeable batteries that can cut down on costs associated with replacing batteries.

While portable options are more popular, some people do choose desktop models. These are more powerful and can produce a much thicker vapor.

What Will You Smoke with Your Vape Systems

After deciding what size vape model makes sense for you, think about what you want to put in it.

One option are concentrates. This includes products like waxes and oils. If you haven't vaped before, be mindful of using these products right away. Concentrates are much more powerful.

You can also use dried herbs in your vape. Be sure herbs are ground up to an appropriate point. It can take a few tries to get packing down pat. You want your vape to be packed tight, but not too tight.

Price Considerations

Do your own research on price points before doing any serious shopping. It's a good idea to set a firm budget too. This will prevent you from overextending your finances.

Remember more expensive doesn't always mean better quality. Also remember that when just starting out, it's okay to test out vaping with a cheaper option.

As a general rule of vape shopping, desktop models will be much more expensive than portable options. Concentrate pens are usually a cheaper option. You can get one for about 50 or 60 dollars.


One last consideration when shopping for a vape is the type of atomizer it comes with.

The atomizer is basically what heats up the product and converts it to a vapor you can smoke. The term often encompasses a few different parts including e-coils and the wick.

A clearomizer is one of the most popular atomizers out there. The tank is refillable and contains a coil head that is also replaceable.

This type of atomizer is also great because it allows you to adjust the airflow. Meaning beginners all the way up to experienced users will find it enjoyable.

Make a Confident Vape Decision

As you can see, there are numerous things to consider when shopping for vape systems.

After considering the size, price, and what you want to smoke with your vape, you should have plenty of information to make the right choice.

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