WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Find Out If You Have Safe Vape Juice

Ultimate Vape Deals - Find Out If You Have Safe Vape Juice

You reach for your vape and its associated, yummy flavor. Your face falls.

The vape juice in your hands expired a month ago. Should you take a puff? Is that safe vape juice you're holding or a liquid that's slowly turned into a poison?

Relax. You can still enjoy that flavor you were so looking forward to.

If you're curious why let's discuss what actually happens to your vape juice once it's expired and dive into the safety of using it.


What Happens

When that e-liquid expires, we promise tiny aliens don't infest it and plan a coup to take over your body.

But that doesn't mean your expired juice doesn't feel the impacts of age.



Depending on how appropriately the liquid was stored, smokers may notice a subtle or vast difference in taste.

As the liquid ages, the flavors inside it that create the bold strawberry taste you love so much eventually break down and begin to separate. Instead of everything working together in the perfect order to achieve tastiness, it becomes a hodge-podge of ingredients.

In organic vape juices, this may occur quicker than in regular types.

Consequently, the taste is altered.

Time may have drastic impacts on age or hardly any effects at all. Some vapers actually prefer their favorite taste after it's aged appropriately, which is one reason why steeping is so popular.



You may notice expired juice looks a little funky, as in some ingredients have floated to the top and others to the bottom.

Most juices are comprised of nicotine, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). These ingredients will separate according to density if they sit for long periods of time.

Eventually, even shaking the bottle won't make the ingredients return to the original consistency.


Nicotine Potency

One last drastic change applies to those who smoke nicotine-infused e-liquid. Over time, the nicotine oxidizes and loses its strength.

Consequently, those who vape as a means to ween off of cigarette smoking may want to consider buying a fresh bottle.


Safe Vape Juice . . . Even After Expiration

All this might sound icky and inconvenient, but that vaping juice is actually quite safe.

The Food and Drug Administration provides expiration dates on food and other items, just like it does for vaping juice. In the same fashion as those other products, the expiration date is considered more a statement about quality and less a statement about safety.

If you take a puff of that expired vape juice, there is no current evidence indicating it will harm you. In fact, a military study found drugs that expired 15 years previously were still effective and safe to consume.

With that being said, keep in mind the flavor and potency may be different enough that you'll want to run out to the nearest store to restock on your favorite flavor, anyway.


Ready for the Tastiest Flavors?

Consuming safe vape juice should be a top priority for all vapers. For those worried about the expired label on their e-liquid, we hope we put your mind at ease.

But don't forget that expired liquid probably won't have the tasty flavor you desire.

Visit our site to check out the latest, hottest flavors and to get your hands on some delectable e-liquids.

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