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FDA Vaping Regulations 2017

Ultimate Vape Deals - FDA Vaping Regulations 2017

Despite The Regulations The Vaping Industry Is On The Rise

The US government, working through the efforts of the FDA, has placed great pressure on the vaping industry. The regulations on vaping are very constrictive to the entire industry from the manufacturer down to the consumer. However, the vaping industry is still growing, and there is no end in sight.


Vaping and its positive appeal

The industry continues to grow because of the positive appeal that vaping offers. This is especially so for habitual smokers who are in the process of kicking the habit. Vaping is a very positive alternative to smoking since it comes with all the fun and little, if any, of the negative effects. For instance, vaping is non-addictive, inexpensive and offers fewer health risks. To most individuals, apart from the authorities at the FDA, this seems like a win.


Unfair Regulations on Vaping

More so, if you look closely at the regulations, they appear very unfair to the vaping industry. That is part of the reason why there is little consensus on the issue and some states allow it while most others do not. Basically, the regulations rule out vaping because they associate it with smoking and thereby apply the regulations that are applied to tobacco products. This is unfair, especially when the truth couldn't be farther than that. The vaping industry as a whole, especially the consumers, realize the unfairness of the matter and continue to promote vaping hoping that one day the regulations will change. With Donald Trump in power, let us hope that the change we seek will be coming soon.


Are there political motives behind the harsh regulations?

Vaping is a great and much better alternative to smoking. I t has a constantly growing market and boasts great potential in terms of increasing revenue for the government. This same government has been at it with tobacco corporations for years and why they cannot get behind a better alternative is puzzling. This, especially when they cannot prove beyond reasonable doubt that vaping is harmful to people's health. We all know that tobacco corporations have deep running ties with the political class and this could be the reason behind the harsh regulations. I mean, is there a better way to keep a competitor with the potential to run you out of business in check?



In the end, even with the harsh and unfair regulations o n vaping in place, the industry continues to grow. If the trends are anything to go by, then the vaping industry will only continue to grow, and there doesn't seem to be an end to it. Not in the near future anyway.

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