WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Is There Any Cheap Premium E Liquid? How Vape Juices are Priced

Is There Any Cheap Premium E Liquid? How Vape Juices are Priced

Puffing an e-cig is cheaper than smoking a pack of cigarettes. Costs per puff and packs make vaping the best alternative to smoking. Until you get vaped on the juice prices. 

The price gap for premium vape juice varies. Depending on how much you vape, it can range from cheap to exorbitant. So, what gives?

Recent changes in the market-customer growth and FDA regulations-affects vaping prices. Juice selection, the production process, and vape devices determine the price market. 

How do you continue to enjoy the honeymoon phase of cheap premium e liquid? Learn here how vape juices get priced, where you can save, and what's worth spending on.  

The Cost to Make Cheap Premium E liquid

There are 460 vape brands marketing their e-cig products online. That attributes to about 7,700 vape juice flavors.

Whether DIY or prepackaged, it costs to make vape juice, sometimes more for premium. Depending on where you buy your e-liquid, you could pay less than $10 or close to $15. But that's based on size (ml), of course. 

If you go the DIY route, you're responsible for the cost from creation to the end product. In items and estimated costs, you'll need:

  • Tipless Syringes - 1, 5, and 10ml with costs ranging from $.69 to $3.00, if bought in singles. 
  • Nicotine Testing Kit - $1.00 to $7.25
  • Storage Container & Bottles - $.50 - $2.00
  • Paper Towels - $.99
  • Nicotine liquid - $120 to $250.00 based on ml
  • Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin - $2.50 to $9.00 

So the average bottle of DIY'd e-liquid may cost you less than a $1.00 in the long run. But consider the upfront costs, time, and expertise to get the flavor right. It may all be a wash in the end. 

Future Pricing 

New FDA regulations require all future e-liquids to pass through the Pre-Market Tobacco Application process. 

This application process regulates every e-cigarette, liquid flavor, and vaping product. Before any vaping product can hit the market in the United States, it must pass through this process. 

What does this mean for the vaping industry? Based on man-hours, this time-consuming process may cost those in the industry millions. The application costs alone range from $117,000 to around $466,000

The end result? Higher prices, fewer flavor selections, and the extinction of vaping accessories. 

Can You Still Save on Vape Costs?

The FDA allows a two-year grace period for dealers to register their vape products and juices. That gives them a 24-month window to liquidate as much product as possible before they consider raising prices.

So, can you still save on the cost of your favorite vape flavors? Yes. Until the registration process completes, you still have access to premium flavors at cheap prices

Once the process concludes, the industry remains hopeful pricing will return to normal. That's if they're forced to raise them at all. 

Buy Premium E-Juices Now

Though the cost of vape juice varies, you can still find and enjoy cheap premium e liquid.  

Study the market. Get a clear understanding of how juices get priced and where you can save most. 

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