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Can You Use Vaping to Quit Smoking?

Ultimate Vape Deals - Can You Use Vaping to Quit Smoking?

You've been smoking for twenty years, and despite how much you know about its dangers, you light up every few hours. The addiction has its claws in you and you're desperate to break free.

Despite your willpower, you've tried nicotine patches, cold turkey, and nicotine gum with no success. Somehow the cigarettes always draw you back in. You're ready to try again. Will vaping help?

People all across the country are using vaping to quit smoking. If you're ready to give it a try, here's what you need to know:


Does Vaping Help You Quit Smoking?

From a scientific standpoint, the jury is still out. There's no miracle drug that makes you forget about cigarettes, and the research about vaping and smoking cessation is too limited to make any definitive statements.

However, there's a strong reason for you to be hopeful. The reason no single method for smoking cessation (vaping, patches, etc.) is a slam dunk is that different tactics work for different people. There are plenty of former smokers who are now nicotine-free thanks for vaping. It's all about finding a method that works for you.


The Advantages of Using Vaping to Quit Smoking

There might not be any guarantees, but vaping for smoking cessation is worth a try. It offers a variety of benefits:


Keeping Health Damage to a Minimum

Don't get us wrong: stepping down your cigarette use little by little is better than continuing your current smoking rate. However, research shows that vaping is safer for your health than smoking. If you're stepping down your nicotine use with vaping rather than smoking, you'll do less damage to your health during the quitting process.


Gives You the Habit, Not the Nicotine Alone

Smoking addiction isn't just about the nicotine. If you've been smoking for years, you're also used to the physical action of smoking. This is one reason nicotine patches and nicotine gum don't work for everyone. Vape pens, on the other hand, let you use the same actions as smoking cigarettes.


Tips for Using Vaping to Quit Smoking

For vaping to be an effective smoking cessation method, you need to do it right. Follow these tips for better results:


Use Vaping As a Substitute, Not an Addition

Some smokers start vaping with the intention that it will replace their smoking. Instead, they keep smoking at the same rate and add the vaping to their nicotine consumption.


Use the Step Down Method

One reason it's easier to quit smoking while vaping is that you can control how much nicotine you inhale. Vape juices contain varying amounts of nicotine so you can start with higher concentrations and work your way down little by little.


Read the Ingredients of E-Juice Before You Buy

While vaping as a whole is healthier than smoking, it depends on the vape juice. Some ejuices, especially the cheapest brands, use ingredients that can be dangerous. For instance, diacetyl in vape juice can lead to popcorn lung. Read the ingredients before you buy.


Living a Smoke-Free Life

If you're ready to free your life from smoking, you have more tools at your fingertips than ever before. It's possible to use vaping to quit smoking, and it just takes effort, planning, and discipline.

For more great information about vaping for beginners, check out our vaping blog.

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