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Best Breakfast-Flavored Vapor Juices

Ultimate Vape Deals - Best Breakfast-Flavored Vapor Juices

Whether or not you're a morning person, it's hard to deny the joy of breakfast foods and beverages.

Donuts, cereals, sweet fruits, crave-able coffees - so many delicious flavors to start the day off. 

Luckily for you, breakfast is available whenever you crave it with our series of delicious, breakfast-themed vapor juices. Keep reading to learn more about all these delectable offerings!


Breakfast Food Flavored Vapor Juices

Maple Bar Donut

Wake up to a treat with the sweet, golden sugared flavor of maple donuts. This breakfast-flavored delight is sure to please. Don't reserve it for the AM, either - this is a great dessert flavor, too. 


Cinnamon Cream

Enjoy the sumptuous flavors of sweet cream blended with a hint of cinnamon spice with this cinnamon cream flavored e-vape juice. It's like breakfast met dessert and have a love child. 


Jelly Donut

Does it get any more classic than the jelly donut? Save a trip to the bakery when you indulge with the delicious flavors of sweet raspberry jam and the rich, unmistakable hint of pastry with this juice. 


Strawberry Milk

Enjoy the creamy, sweet, fruity flavor of strawberry milk - no milk mustache required. This delicious blend is a perfect go-to when you crave a little something sweet, morning, noon, or night. 


Creamy Strawberry

If strawberry milk wasn't enough, up the ante with a creamy strawberry flavored vaporizer flavor. This delectable delight features the flavors of rich shortbread, perfectly ripe strawberries, and a dollop of delicious whipped cream. 

Ok, so maybe you wouldn't eat strawberry shortcake for breakfast, but hey, you're an adult now. 


Peaches and Cream

Talk about a classic flavor combo! Grab this vape fluid and take in the flavors of a perfectly juicy, sweet peach combined with a hint of sweet cream to round it out. Yum!


Cereal Donut

Two breakfast favorites are better than one! This scrumptious breakfast vape juice features the rich flavors of a cereal donut - a sweet pastry filled with creamy custard and topped with fruity cereal. Don't deny you want to try that. 


Glazed Donut

Another classic (and a huge hit in the vaping world) is glazed donut flavored vape juice. Enjoy the sweet and savory combo that is a glazed donut - slightly sweet pastry topped with that crave-worthy sugared glaze.

This flavor will ensure your day starts out right. 


Strawberry Banana

Looking for a flavor that doesn't involve deep-fried pastry? How about the bright, sweet blend of ripe strawberries combined with the subtle, creamy sweetness of bananas. It's like a smoothie in vape form!


Crisp Honey Suckle

Who doesn't love the tart taste of a cold, crisp, apple? Pair it with the candied sweetness of honey and it's a treat. Capture this great flavor combination with a crisp honeysuckle flavored vape juice. 


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