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Cloud Chasing for Creatives: 5 Homemade Vape Mods You'll Love

Cloud Chasing for Creatives: 5 Homemade Vape Mods You'll Love

Do you love the look of custom vape designs? Sometimes you want to stand out from the crowd and show off your personality when practicing your cloud chasing tricks.

The best cloud chasing builds are usually mechanical mods with an RDA. If you make your own mod, you can customize it for the best fit.

If you love the look of specialty mods, check out these five amazing homemade vape mods designs.

1. Personalized Homemade Vape Mods

If you want to add your own touch to your vape mod, make your own box out of wood and personalize it. This handmade vape mod combines a special engraving and mother of pearl buttons.

You can engrave any design you want onto a custom-made box. Here are a few ideas:

  • Initials or someone's name
  • Personal messages
  • Quotes or meaningful lyrics
  • Your business logo

A custom-engraved box mod makes a great gift idea, too.

2. Steampunk-Inspired Designs

When you check out handmade vape mods, the steampunk-inspired boxes really make an impact. Steampunk, which is a type of sci-fi genre and style, focuses on steam-powered machinery. These vape mods full of gears, pipes, and mechanical parts look like they came right out of the 19th century.

Make one yourself or pick one up and try some of these awesome vape tricks.

3. Mint Tin Mod

A mint tin like an Altoids box makes a great base for a vape mod. This is a relatively cheap trick that you can try at home. It makes a great first-time mod project.

Most tins are basic, but you can find unique designs and styles as well. Mix and it up and get creative with novelty mint tins. These styles usually have funny sayings or cool graphics.

4. Nintendo Controller Box Mod

Are you a huge fan of the classic NES system? This popular vape mod is the perfect fit for any video game fan. You can make your own with the traditional controller or some of the custom-designed ones.

You can also pick up a vape skin if you don't want to make your own, but it doesn't look quite as cool.

5. Mini Flask Mod

Flasks come in all sorts of designs and if you have one laying around that you don't use to drink, make a vape mod with it. This mini 1-oz flask vape mod is the perfect size to take with you on the go.

While some custom vapes are big and bulky, this compact vape mod is ideal to bring on a road trip or pack in an overnight bag.

Make Bigger Vape Clouds and Look Great Doing It

If you're passionate about cloud chasing, these homemade vape mods should inspire you to make your own. You can design your box mod to last longer, have more power, and make even bigger vape clouds.

Are you savvy enough to make your own mod? As long as you know about Ohm's Law and vape safety, you can create a vape mod out of almost anything.

Check out our blog to learn more about vaping and discover other great cloud chasing tips.

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