WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Cookie E-Liquids to Try This Month

3 Cookie E-Liquids to Try This Month

Cookies go way down in everyone’s history. From back in the days when you were a child craving for the tasty snack that you could munch all day if only they let you. There are many types of cookies out there, and more and more versions keep popping up almost every day. There is no doubt that cookie flavors are on many of vaper’s preference lists. The delicious crunchiness fused into a vape liquid that you can actually inhale and still get to feel like you were eating the real deal.
Are you also searching for the best cookie flavored e-liquids? Here are 3 of them to try this month.
  1. Sadboy Salts Straw Jam Cookie
Straw Jam Cookie by Sadboy Salts features a sensational shortbread cookie-like flavor that will keep you hooked once you give it the first drag. If you love freshly-baked butter cookies infused with strawberry jam splattered with milk, then you will love this flavor.
On the inhale, the taste of sticky strawberry jam slides over your tongue, delivering a rush of sweetness that makes way for the buttery cookie flavor to come in and balance the sweetness, allowing you to settle somewhere between sweet and tangy. From the first drop down to the last, you get a balanced, complex, authentic, and scrumptious taste that will keep calling you back for more.
It comes with a 50/50 vegetable glycerin (VG)/propylene glycol (PG) ratio, giving you a balanced feel of both worlds. You get to enjoy the rich flavor output while also being rewarded by huge clouds of delicious vapor. This e-liquid formula is specially crafted for ultra-low wattage and pod-based systems so it may not be ideal to use it in a sub-ohm tank.
This is a special e-liquid formula particularly because of its salt nicotine content. Imagine indulging yourself in the rich cookie-like flavor while still enjoying a mouthful of nicotine. You get to choose from 28mg and 48mg of salt nicotine. It comes in a 30ml unicorn bottle that is sold for $13.99 at our store.
  1. Cookie Twist Frosted Sugar Cookie
Cookie Twist is a well-known manufacturer that has been making quality vape juice flavors for quite some time. All of their e-liquid flavors are made in the USA with nothing short of high-quality materials including this Frosted Sugar Cookie. It features a blend of fresh cookies and vanilla frost that will take you back to the good old days.
On the inhale, your taste buds are graced with the natural sweetness of a sugar cookie that will leave you feeling like you were biting into the real thing. On the exhale, the taste of frosting comes in to summarize the flavor into one wholesome treat.
With the Cookie Twist Frosted Sugar Cookie E-liquid, you get a fine blend consisting of 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG), a rather popular blend on the market. You get to enjoy rich clouds of vapor while your taste buds swim in the rich cookie flavor.
In terms of nicotine, Cookie Twist ensured to create one for just about every type of vaper regardless of preference. If you prefer to vape without even the slightest hint of nicotine, then a 0mg bottle will do the job. If you prefer to vape with nicotine, then they also have the 3mg and 6mg concentrations.
A 60ml bottle of Frosted Amber costs only $11.99 at our shop.
  1. Circus Cookie Coconut Cake
Coconut Cake Eliquid by Circus Cookie is a dessert blend that you would not be able to resist, especially after you have taken your first drag. It features the taste of moist chocolate cake base that is infused with sweet whipped cream and finished off with fresh coconut shavings and sticky marshmallow cream. The flavor combination is incredibly addictive. It is smooth with its flavor just as described.
The E-liquid mixture features a blend of 80 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 20 percent PG, making it a high-VG blend, a favorite among cloud chasers. It is ideal for vaping in a sub-ohm tank or other high-powered devices, and it will deliver rich clouds of vapor and bold vapor.
You get to choose from varying nicotine concentrations. It is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, so you are covered if you prefer not to vape with nicotine at all, and at the same time, you have high-quality nicotine versions if you prefer a good ick while you vape.
A 100ml bottle of Coconut Cake by Circus Cookie costs only $11.99 at our shop.
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