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Yogi Farms Salt Green Apple Ice Ejuice

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Yogi Farms Salt

Green Apple Ice eJuice by Yogi Farms Salt brings an icy rendition of frozen green apples, ready to make your taste buds shiver with delight. Treat your taste buds to a wintery blast of icy green apples, delivering a chilly sweet and sour cloud of deliciousness in every puff!

Bottle Size: 30ml | Flavor Type: Sweets, Nicotine Salt

Full Flavor Description

Green Apple Ice promises a refreshing burst of flavor from the moment you take your first hit. A smooth and sweet flavor of crisp green apples meets your taste buds on the inhale. Then, a wicked blast of cooling menthol powers through on the exhale, making this an icy sweet and sour dream! This ejuice is especially ideal for the summer season, when the summer heat becomes unbearable and you're looking for a cooling escape. With this ejuice, you can taste the richness of the ripe green apples with every puff, followed by a much-needing coolness from menthol.

The secret is to wait for winter's first snowfall, when the apples are at their ripest. The gentle snowfall settles atop each ripe fruit like a soft blanket, sealing in the sweet fruit while infusing it with a wintery blast. When you take your first hit of this ejuice, it is the taste of the ripe green apples that starts your clouds off right. The green apple flavor has a juicy and slightly tangy taste; yet the inhale delivers a rush of cool menthol flavor that makes your taste buds come alive. Enjoy a rich and refreshing frosty apple flavor with every puff, thanks to Green Apple Ice eJuice by Yogi Farms Salt!