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Vapetasia Pink Lemonade 60ml Ejuice

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Pink Lemonade eJuice by Vapetasia brings a tall glass of refreshing pink lemonade straight to your vape tank. Enjoy the sweet and juicy flavor of plump raspberries and tangy lemons, perfect to beat back the heat of the summer. For fruit lovers everywhere, treat your taste buds to the fresh flavor of ripe fruits in every cloud!

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert, Fruit

Full Flavor Description

Pink Lemonade eJuice by Vapetasia brings back nostalgic memories of sidewalk lemonade stands and sweltering summers. No one knows what makes this lemonade quite so pink, but we have a pretty good idea that lush raspberries are somehow responsible. We start out with a tall pitcher of freshly drawn well water, cold and refreshing. We toss in a few cups of sugar and a handful of ice cubes, and now it's time for the fun to begin. We start off by juicing several firm and ripe Meyer lemons. The tangy lemon juice is the perfect balance between sour and tart and keeps your taste buds alert and refreshed. The lemon juice is slowly stirred into the pitcher to ensure a complete infusion of sweet and sour.

Finally, it's time to add in that sensational pink color and flavor! We gather several plump raspberries and mash them into a chunky pink raspberry compote. The muddled raspberries get poured into the lemonade and swirled around, making an ordinary pitcher of lemonade a true summer treat! The pink lemonade is poured into the 60mL bottle of e-liquid you see before you, ready and waiting to delight your taste buds and quench your thirst for something sweet and refreshing. Enjoy a sweet and tangy cloud of pink lemonade in every cloud, thanks to Pink Lemonade by Vapetasia!