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Vapetasia Peach Lemonade Ejuice

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Vapetasia Eliquids brings you the newest addition to their lemonade lineup with this mouthwatering Peach Lemonade Ejuice. Gushing with flavor, this juicy vape combines the perfect lemonade base with juicy Georgia peaches creating a heavenly blend for you to puff on all day.

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Full Flavor Description

Peach Lemonade is a premium vape juice by Vapetasia, perfect for vapers looking to beat the unbearable heat of summer. This exciting eliquid has the flavor profile of freshly squeezed lemonade blended with juicy peaches. On the inhale, you can taste the rich flavor of cold and sweet lemonade, crafted with freshly squeezed lemons and cold well water. On the exhale, the ripe peach flavor makes its grand entrance on your flavor palate. Georgia delivered her finest fruits for the creation fo this succulent e-liquid, each fruit bursting with sticky sweet fruit juice. The peach flavor blend excellently with the sweet lemonade to craft a mouthwatering e-liquid that your taste buds won't want to put down!

No longer must you suffer in the heat of summer, wishing for a tall glass of cold refreshment. Instead of a glistening pitcher of freshly squeezed lemonade, your vape taste buds can rejoice over a hefty 100mL bottle of delicious peach and lemonade goodness. Fresh peaches and tart lemonade come together beautiful in this all-day vape, delivering a refreshing oasis in a summer of heat. Enjoy clouds scented with juicy fruits and tangy citrus in every cloud, known as Peach Lemonade eJuice by Vapetasia!