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Vapetasia Blackberry Lemonade 60ml Ejuice

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Blackberry Lemonade eJuice by Vapetasia brings the luscious flavor of sultry blackberries to an ordinary glass of lemonade! Enjoy a sweet fruit vape juice that's perfect for those unbearably hot summer days. A freshly squeezed glass of blackberry lemonade might be just the thing to refresh your parched vape taste buds! 

Brand: Vapetasia | Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Blackberry Lemonade eJuice Flavor Description

It's summer time and beads of sweat are running down your face. Your parched taste buds yearn for the cold and refreshing taste of freshly squeezed lemonade. Just when you think you'll be driven mad with thirst, your eyes spy a tall pitcher of glistening lemonade. Beads of condensation have built up on the glass, letting you know that the cold refreshment is ready and waiting to wash over your taste buds with delicious sweetness. You stumble over to the table, grab a glass and pour yourself a cold and sweet helping of that blessed beverage. You take your first sip and immediately your taste buds are assaulted with a wave of flavor. Freshly picked blackberries dance upon your tongue with their tart and sweet flavor.

Just-squeezed lemons are heavily prevalent in this flavor, their tangy flavor easily detected throughout the gulp. And finally, the pure and sweet flavor of pure cane sugar delivers a sweet relief from the tart blackberries and tangy lemons. You close your eyes and savor the blissful deliciousness, ready for another delicious sip. But once you open your eyes, the pitcher has disappeared! In its place is a single 60mL bottle, stuffed full of that same delicious flavor! Enjoy a delightful cloud of blackberry infused lemonade, ready to save you from summer's brutal heat in a moment's notice! Quench your thirst for delicious clouds with this incredible Blackberry Lemonade eJuice from Vapetasia!