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Vape Crusaders Bourbon Stained Ejuice

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Vape Crusaders

Bourbon Stained is an impressive vape juice blend by Vape Crusaders. This ejuice has the flavor of whiskey-flavored tobacco with notes of caramel.

Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Full Flavor Description

Bourbon Stained is a superb ejuice with a lasting flavor. This ejuice is ideal for those who want to quit smoking as well as for people new to vaping. Bourbon Stained has a smooth, authentic taste that draws you in. This Vape Crusaders eliquid makes for a fun vaping experience. You can easily vape Bourbon Stained all day long.

Bourbon Stained has a delicate inhale, and exhale. As you inhale, the light yet saturated Hawaiian tobacco flavor greets your taste buds. Upon the exhale, it is this the taste of the completely drenched caramel and bourbon flavor that comes alive. Don’t be distracted by the tobacco profile, the sweet caramel and bourbon will not make you feel that you tasted tobacco at all. This Vape Crusaders eliquid has a flavor that remains the mouth for a long time after you have vaped it.