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Tuck Shop Bubble Trouble By Dinner Lady Eliquid

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Bubble Trouble is a delicious vape juice by Tuck Shop. This eliquid offers the flavor of classic bubblegum chew eliquid.

Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Bubble Trouble is aptly named. The taste of this eliquid is refreshing and intense. Vapers who enjoy bubblegum flavored eliquids will be impressed with this Tuck Shop eliquid. Bubble Trouble has an organic taste and never really gets tiring or artificial. The bubblegum flavor is so accurate that you will not believe it. Bubble Trouble is the kind of vape juice that you can puff all day long without getting bored.

This Tuck Shop vape juice is obviously produced with high-quality ingredients that add to its pleasant taste. The inhale of this eliquid is just as delicate of its exhale. When you vape this eliquid, it is simple to tell why many consider it one of the best bubblegum eliquids currently on the market. The taste of the bubblegum flows throughout the inhale and exhale effortlessly. Bubble Trouble also has a long-lasting aftertaste.