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The Pancake Raspberry Hotcakes Ejuice

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Raspberry Hotcakes Ejuice by The Pancake House is a delicious eliquid version of freshly made pancakes with a fruity raspberry topping. Feast on a delicious stack of raspberry and hotcakes with every puff, thanks to Raspberry Hotcakes Ejuice by The Pancake House.

Brand: The Pancake House | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 80/20 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Raspberry Hotcakes Ejuice Flavor Description

Our journey through the wonderful land of raspberries and hotcakes begins in a country berry farm, where soft raspberries begged to be plucked and transformed into a sticky compote. Of course, we obliged by picking as many raspberries as our little baskets could carry. We skipped back to the kitchen where we began crushing the raspberries into a thick and sticky syrup. Once that was done, we began to prepare the pancake batter. Fresh buttermilk, whipped eggs, pure vanilla extract, and other dry ingredients were whisked together to form a sweet and sticky batter.

A handful of ripe raspberries were sprinkled into the batter to add a touch of fruity sweetness. The raspberry pancake batter was ladled onto a hot griddle, where they fried to a delicious golden brown. The hotcakes were flipped to ensure even frying, and were transferred to a waiting hot plate. The stack of hotcakes got a pat of butter inserted between each layer, melting to a warm and buttery masterpiece. Finally, we layered on the raspberry syrup onto the hotcakes and stuffed them into a 100mL bottle, ready to be enjoyed morning noon and night, compliments of Raspberry Hotcakes Ejuice by The Pancake House!