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The Custard Shoppe Butterscotch Ejuice

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The Custard Shoppe Butterscotch Flavor Profile

Butterscotch by Custard Shoppe has been a standout amongst the most looked pastry seasoned ejuice in the whole vaping industry. Crunch on a decadent butterscotch pie, bested with whipped cream and a caramel coating. Do your taste buds a favor with this eliquid and continue creating those rich puffy clouds.

VG/PG 75/25

Butterscotch by Custard Shoppe has the flavor profile of a butterscotch custard pie that has been conveyed straight from the oven and into your watering mouth. The inhale comprise of a butterscotch marvel that will overpower your sense of taste with pure flawlessness. After exhaling is when the custard with the pie hull becomes possibly the most important factor. It does what needs to be done when it comes into an indulgent inhale/exhale blend. The throat hit is smooth and subtle with no feeling of consuming or roasting sensation. You can take greasy tears without hacking up a lung.

Crunch on a crisply heated treat at Grandma's home. It is where sweet rings of delightful pastry coast through the air and stimulate your noses with enticing flavor! A warm caramel sprinkle affectionately poured on newly whipped cream! Sink your teeth into butterscotch pie goodness.