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Tasty Cloud High VG Melrose eJuice

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Melrose eJuice by Tasty Cloud High VG presents a refreshing frozen lychee and chilled lime cloud of goodness. This frosty citrus and exotic fruit flavor blend is perfect for all-day enjoyment by menthol and fruit lovers alike. This sweet and icy e-liquid comes in 60mL bottles and is available at Ultimate Vape Deals in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg nicotine options.

Brand: Tasty Cloud | Bottle Size: 60mL | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit, Menthol

High VG Melrose eJuice Description

Melrose eJuice by Tasty Cloud High VG delivers a cold and sweet lychee limeade flavor right to your vape tank, now in a high VG option. VG, or vegetable glycerin, is the e-liquid ingredient that produces huge puffy clouds. If you love blowing aromatic clouds throughout your day, you’ll fall in love with this crisp and refreshing e-liquid. We start off by heading to the Florida Everglades in the dead of winter, in search of a frozen lime tree. We arrive at the snow-covered lime groves and immediately set to work grabbing as many frozen limes as we can reach. The frosty green citrus fruits clink together in our bags, and we quickly ran out of room in our bags. 

Once we were satisfied with the amount of frozen limes, we headed to a nearby lychee patch. There, we found icy lychees, their protective shell frozen with a thick layer of ice. We added these frozen lychees to our bags and headed back to our vape kitchen. The frosty citrus and frozen limes were thawed for several hours, but the icy chill of winter stubbornly remained. We dumped the frozen fruits into a 60mL bottle, just like the one you see before you, and transformed the fruits into a frosty limeade e-liquid. Grab a bottle of Melrose eJuice by Tasty Cloud High VG today and lose yourself in an all-day e-liquid that helps freshen your breath and satisfies your cravings for something tangy, sweet, and icy all at the same time!