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Stunna Real G Ejuice

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Real G eJuice by Stunna features a lavish fruit vape juice stuffed with juicy pears, ripe watermelons, exotic mangos, and fresh apricots. Indulge in a cloud of fresh fruit that will have your taste buds dancing on tabletops with happiness. Enjoy a cloud of sun-warmed fruits that delivers a burst of fresh and juicy flavor again and again. 

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruits

Full Flavor Description

Calling all fruit-vape lovers! This all-day vape brings a quadruple whammy of fresh fruits to your vape tank, ripe and ready to pleaes your taste buds. We start this delicoius e-liquid off right with a delicious infusion of ripe pears. These d'Anjou pears are picked at the peak of freshness, each soft fruit warmed in the heat of the midday sun. Their grainy flavor and smooth sweetness really hit a home run from the first puff to the last, each cloud bursting with flavor. Next, we have summer's favorite fruit: fat and juicy watermelons! These swollen melons have had the entire summer to ripen to a lush sweetness, each juicy slice making your fingertips sticky with fresh watermelon juice.

Third, we have imported mangoes, picked fresh from the Caribban islands. These smooth and soft mangos are a pure delight to munch on, that warm and carefree flavor shining through in every slice. And finally, we have delicate apricots. Don't let these tiny fruits deceive you, because while their size is small, their flavor is not! The powerful taste of tart and sweet apricots really comes through on the exhale, giving your clouds an infusion of flavor that is both delicious and sweet. Enjoy a fruit powerhouse of flaovr and feast on apirocts, pears, mangos, and watermelons all day long, thanks to Real G eJuice by Stunna!