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Slammin Red Strawberry Ejuice

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Red Strawberry is a pleasant vape juice that will appeal to a wide range of vapers. This ejuice by Slammin has the flavor of ripe strawberries and other fruits.

Red Strawberry is an eliquid that is ideal for vapers who enjoy berries. This vape juice by Slammin is superb and never tastes like it contains any artificial flavors. This eliquid has a delicate all-around taste that makes it easy to vape it all day long without getting bored. If you want a tropical eliquid that you can vape all day long then, there is a chance that you will enjoy this vape juice by Slammin.

Red Strawberry has a pleasant inhale and exhale. Besides having a juicy taste, you can also taste the unique taste of this Slammin vape juice long aftertaste you have stopped vaping it. Red Strawberry has the tart taste of ripe strawberries when you vape this eliquid. And when you exhale, it is the taste of the sweet berries that come alive. The berry flavor is generally crispy and juicy and fills the mouth.

*This product is made with salt nicotine for better, longer lasting flavor (Low Content)*