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Slammin Ejuice 5 Pack Ejuice Bundle

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This Slammin Ejuice 5 Pack Deal includes one bottle of each of the 5 Slammin flavors from the collection.

You get a total of FIVE 60ml bottles (300ml's total) for one low, bundled price!

Slammin Green - a juicy, tart green apple flavor loade eliquid. Pucker up and inhale the fresh taste of a ripe, freshly picked green apple mixed with sweet, lightly sugary tones creating massive clouds of delicious fruit flavor

Slammin Pink - Slammin Pink Ejuice by Burst Eliquids features the juicy, crisp taste of ripe watermelon. Every puff will immerse you in juicy watermelon heaven and will have you thinking you're taking a bite our of a freshly cut slice. 

Slammin Peach - A juicy blend of slightly tart fresh peach slices

Slammin Red - one of the juiciest strawberry flavored vape juice you have ever tried! Fresh strawberries provide a slightly tart but sweet flavor that will smack your taste buds into strawberry universe!

Slammin Blue- a sweet and sugary fusion of fresh raspberries and blueberries making for a berry flavored eliquid work of art.