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SDMH Purpo Ejuice

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Purpo eJuice by SDMH brings the sweet flavor of juicy table grapes straight to your vape tank! Enjoy the delicious flavor of freshly crushed grapes in every puff, full of royal purple goodness. Treat your taste buds to the sweet and refreshing flavor of a singular fruit flavor with grape scented clouds for days!

Bottle Size: 60mL | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Full Flavor Description

How often can you say that you've taste a color? Now, thanks to this incredible e-liquid concoction, you can enjoy the delicious flavor of purple table grapes called Purpo eJuice from SDMH! These luscious fruits are brought in from Italy, each cluster bursting with refreshing Italian flavor. Fat clusters of grapes send out enticing scents of rich purple flavor that drive your taste buds wild with desire. Each grape bursts under your teeth and bathes your tongue in wild concord grape flavor. Grape flavored e-liquid has been a fan favorite for many years, but SDMH has managed to perfect the singular flavor in e-liquid form.

Now your taste buds can get the royal treatment they deserve, each puff from this delightful vape juice more delicious than the last. Surround yourself with smooth and puffy clouds that deliver the flavor of purple to your taste buds and the scents of juicy table grapes to your nostrils. If you're looking for a fresh and juicy flavor that transforms the color purple into e-liquid form, than Purpo by SDMH is the perfect choice! Enjoy a rich cloud of flavor that bursts with freshly squeezed grape juice goodness in every puff!