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Pancake House Caramelized Apple Ejuice

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Caramelized Apple eJuice by The Pancake House is a yummy eliquid treat that tastes exactly like freshly made, warm pancakes topped with delicious green apple chunks in a gooey caramel. Feast on a breakfast vape juice that will easily last you throughout your entire day!

Brand: The Pancake House | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 80/20 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Caramelized Apple Ejuice Flavor Description

Tackle your breakfast cravings to the next level with this delicious pancake and apple vape juice! We begin with a thick and sticky pancake batter, made with fresh buttermilk, sweet sugar, exotic vanilla, and other dry ingredients. We stirred the ingredients together until everything was combined in a bubbly sticky batter. We fired up our pancake griddle, and waited until it was hot enough to melt butter. The pancake batter was carefully ladled into large circles that quickly fried to a delicious golden brown. But we're missing something; a touch of tart fruitiness. Oh yeah, the apples!

Thousands of crisp autumn apples were gathered in the autumn harvest, but we focused specifically on Granny Smith Apples. These tart green apples add a tangy twist to your clouds that we think you'll love! Each apple is peeled, cored, and cut into thin slices. Right before the pancakes are fully ready, we layer on a few thin slices of apple to each pancake. The fruity flavor for the apples blends beautiful with the pancakes, ready to be devoured. Once the pancakes are fully fried, we slide them onto a plate and douse them with a melted caramel glaze. Enjoy the sweet and fruity flavor of molten caramel, crisp green apples, and soft pancakes in every bite, thanks to Caramelized Apple eJuice by The Pancake House!