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Night Cap Strawberry Shortcake Ejuice

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Flavor Description

Strawberry Shortcake Ejuice by Night Cap lets you indulge in your sinfully sweet sugar cravings as you stuff your face with a thick slice of moist shortcake! Stuffed with thick slices of wild strawberries and covered with freshly whipped cream, take your vape taste buds on a midnight snack of dessert cloud bliss!

Bottle Size: 60ml & 120ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Full Flavor Description

What makes Strawberry Shortcake Ejuice by Night Cap so great? Sometimes you get this irresistible sweet tooth cravings, whether it be right after dinner, waking in your sleep wanting something sweet, or out of the blue, you crave something a sweet dessert treat. Night Cap has provided that late night snack in eliquid form, offering a delicious dessert that soothes your savage sweet tooth. Now you can stuff your face with a thick slice of dreamy strawberry shortcake! This soft and moist cake was baked with the finest ingredients, featuring rich Tahitian vanilla, freshly beaten eggs, pure cane sugar, sweet cream, and (you guessed it!) fresh slices of summer strawberry. Baked to an irresistible golden brown, this warm and airy shortcake was covered in rich and frothy whipped cream, smothered until every inch was covered in freshly whipped cream. Fresh slices of summer strawberry are lined up and layered on top of the cake, adding a very pretty pattern to a moist and rich shortcake. Dig right into this sweet and creamy dessert, allowing your vape taste buds to dive into cloud nine, featuring smooth and creamy whipped cream, sweet and juicy strawberries, and rich and moist shortcake, all thanks to Strawberry Shortcake Ejuice by Night Cap!