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Nerdy Green Apple Peach Iced Ejuice

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Green Apple Iced Ejuice by Nerdy treats your vape taste buds to a lush yet frozen Granny Smith apple, green with sweetness and frosted over with an icy chill. Mingled with this icy apple are chilled slices of Georgia peaches, frozen and delicious. Puff on cool clouds of icy green apples and artic sweet peaches, ripe and refreshing and dangerously frosty!

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 60/40 | Flavor Type: Menthol

Full Flavor Description​

Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking through a quiet and peaceful snow-capped apple orchard. Reach out your hand and pluck that icy red apple from its branch and smell how fresh and pure that flavor is! The winter sun has chilled and cooled that red skin until all of the diamonds in all the world cannot come close to matching that magnificent icy glow! Sink your teeth into a crisp and frozen fruit, and feel the icy juice run down your chin in chilled rivulets of flavor! The first bite of the chilly apple is always the best, and Nerdy has nailed that first bite flavor with every puff you draw from this luscious flavor!

But cool apple isn’t the only flavor that adorns this eliquid...a few yards down from the snowy apple orchard lies a wintery peach orchard, with fat and snow-capped Georgia peaches, await on their icy branches. Reach out your hand and pluck these icy fruits, and sample the icy sweetness in every bite! A pale and icy orange color emerges from the sweet frozen peach, showing a true treasure in the heart of every fruit. Enjoy the freshness of winter’s favorite fruits, and dig into a refreshing cloud of crisp snowy apples and icy winter peaches, thanks to Green Apple Iced Ejuice by Nerdy!