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Naked 100 Menthol 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle

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Flavor Description

Brain Freeze, Frost Bite, and Very Cool Ejuice by Naked 100 defies you to enter into a frosty cavern of sweet and icy flavors, bursting with frozen fruits that can’t wait to tickle your vape taste buds into chilly oblivion! Pick up this three pack and lose yourself in the chilly clouds that rival the iciness of Antarctica!

Brand: Naked 100 |Bottle Size: 3x 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Menthol

Full Flavor Description

First up, we have Brain Freeze. Freeze your vape taste buds in a billowing cloud of blustery fruits, and breathe in snowdrifts of fruit in every puff. First up in this deliciously frozen trifecta is an icy strawberry. A snowy frost has settled over a field of strawberries, freezing the berries right on the vine and thus delivering an icy blow of wintery strawberries to your lips. Next is a chilly blend of kiwis, frozen solid on their snowy branches. The cold green slices of sweet fruit are icy and chilled, bringing a tart coolness to your clouds with a hint of sweetness. And finally, we have deadly pomegranate. This famed fruit of Hades offers a frosty sweetness, with a cool hint of darker flavor. Each pomegranate seed is an icy drop of flavor, infusing your clouds with the harshness of a wintery eve!

Next, we have Frost Bite. Enjoy a sweet and icy paradise of frozen fruits whirled together in a blustery winter flavor that will have your vape taste buds shivering with happiness! Feast on flash frozen pineapples, knocking noisily together in the icy wind. These sweet pineapples are sawn open to reveal the chilled and still-sweet fruit flesh, juicy and icy and delicious. Next, we have rolling snowballs of freshly scooped honeydew melon! What better way to assault your vape taste buds than with an all-out melon snowball fight? Duck for cover and dive for the snowdrifts with this freshly chilled honeydew melon flavor! And finally, we have icy cantaloupe melon, slashed into jagged slices and hewn into thick frozen chunks of fruity goodness. The sweetness of the melon gently thaws the icy cantaloupe, allowing your vape taste buds to fully appreciate the delicious frozen flavor!

Lastly in this delicious trio, we have Very Cool. Trek along an icy path of flavor, where forgotten frozen berries line the path to an icy cave, filled with vapor and chilly clouds of fruity flavor! Take care not to stumble over swollen icy blackberries, their dark and brooding flavor only magnified by the soft snow that keeps them cold. Watch your step with each tumbling frozen raspberry, thickly iced over with the sleet of a wintery day. Chilly blueberries pile up in snowball drifts, fat and juicy, and ready to steal your vape taste buds away in an icy grip. Each of these flavors come together to form an icy trinity that threatens to chill your clouds and overtake your vape taste buds in a death grip of sweet and icy and fruity.