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Naked 100 6 Pack Eliquid Bundle

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All Melon, Amazing Mango, Green Blast, Hawaiian Pog, Lava Flow, and Very Berry by Naked 100 invites you to feast on lush melons, tropical mangoes, crisp apples, ripe kiwis, sweet pineapples, Florida oranges, Colombian guava, mixed berries, and thick sugared lemon wedges in this delicious lineup from Naked 100 that you simply must try! Experience a delightful kick of fruit in every puffy cloud!

Bottle Size: 360ml (6x60ml) | Ratio: 70/30| Flavor Type: Fruit

Naked 100 6 Pack Eliquid Bundle Description

First up, we have All Melon First up, we have summer’s favorite fruit, the juicy watermelon! Fat melons rest on their vines, swollen with summer flavor and refreshing juiciness. Each melon is carved into gleaming red chunks and set before you in a bowl of sweet and clean flavor! Next, we have cantaloupe, firm and uninteresting on the outside, but bursting with ripe and soft orange flavor when you slice it open! Each cantaloupe is carved into thick wedges and sprinkled with sugar for a flavorful slice of heaven! And lastly, we have the mysterious honeydew melon. Nourished by the morning dew at the break of dawn, this rich and flavorful melon is too pure to be roughly hewn into slices, or quickly carved into chunks.

Second, we have Amazing Mango. Munch on sweet and juicy mangoes, warm from the Caribbean islands, and you’ll feel like you’ve won an all-expenses paid trip to cloud heaven! Sink your teeth into ripe warm mangoes and feel the juice dribble down your chin, sticky and sweet. These mangoes were imported from a private Caribbean island, burstin with rich and exotic flavor. You can almost feel the warm tropical breeze on your hair, feel the soft sand between your toes, and a dreamy smile on your face as you soak up the warm tropical sun rays.

Thirdly, we have Green Blast. Crisp and tart slices of granny smith apple. These green gems were gently plucked from a gnarled apple tree, ready to be relieved of their heavy fruits so that you can munch on fresh and crisp October flavor. Next, we have freshly scooped spheres of cold honeydew melons. This crisp and refreshing blast of summer melons will bring a smile to your lips and delicious flavor to your vape taste buds!

Fourthly, we have Hawaiian Pog. Hawaiian POG comes as an amusing acronym for absolutely delicious flavor! First we start with P, for passion fruit. Luxurious and rich flavors of sweet passion fruit dance around your clouds in rustling grass skirts and handcrafted leis. The tart and sweet flavor of the freshly sliced fruit is almost more than your vape taste buds can bear! But don’t stop now, because the O in Pog stands for oranges! Explosive orange flavor lights up the hawaiian night sky in a beautiful display of citrus flavor, washing over your vape taste buds with a crashing tsunami of flavor! And lastly, we come to the G in Pog, which stands for guava. Deep smooth flavor of sugared guava presents a thick and refreshing flavor of island goodness, far reaching as the ocean and and sweet smelling as the night sky.

Fifthly, we have Lava Flow. Make way for a volcanic eruption of molten fruits and lava-like clouds that threaten to cover your vape taste buds in a warm and delicious wave of flavor! First up in this overflow of molten goodness is freshly plucked strawberries. These wild berries grew on the side of the mountain, and due to the heat from the roaring lava explosion, they’ve melted into chunky rivulets that slide down the mountain. As the strawberry lava continues its slow but steady pace, it consumes sweet pineapple trees and the fruit comes raining down in crushed chunks. The sweet and tart pineapple gets crushed under the weight of the sweet and wild strawberries, offering a thick and tart flavor that your vape taste buds easily recognize as delicious fruit goodness. And lastly, as the volcano spews and rages, delicate tufts of coconut ash rain down onto the lava, infusing the sweet fruit lava with a touch of exotic sweetness that calms and soothes the savage lava beast.

Lastly in this delicious trio, we have Very Berry. Lush blackberries brood under cover of darkness, soaking in all the night into its plump drupelets. Next to these inky berries are soft and plump blueberries, offering a lighter and tangier sweetness than their moody berry cousins. These fat and juicy berries dangle from their brambles and gleam a dusky blue in the morning sun, waiting to be picked and plopped into a bowl for your vaping enjoyment. But as a special zesty surprise, sugared lemon rinds are stirred into the black- and blueberry bowl, delivering a warm and slightly sour surprise to this sweet bowl of fruit.

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Love the juice it was

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Love the juice, its heavy

Great prices, Great
Good job! will be back.

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Love the juice, service, price,

Fast delivery great price

Dalton B.
Love the juice!

Showed up in a few days and everything was as it should be.

Detrice G.
Love the juice. Doesn't ruin

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