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Naked 100 Fusion 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle

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Berry Belts, Sour Sweet, and Yummy Gum Ejuice by Naked 100 invites you to treat your vape taste buds to a fun way to discover candy-licious clouds in every bottle, featuring sweet and sour candies, stretchy belt strips, and bubblicious gum flavor in every puff!

Brand: Naked 100 | Bottle Size: 3x 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Naked 100 Fusion 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle Description

First up, we have Straw Lime (formally Berry Belts) which is a wildly raved strawberry sour belt concoction, perfectly balanced with sweet and tarty goodness and a hint of citrus. Feast on freshly stretched belts of sweet and sour candy, blended with the juice of a thousand pink berries! Your favorite convenience store candy is now available in eliquid form, allowing for a quick hit of sweet fruits and sour sugar all rolled into one! Indulge in your sugary cravings with a generous helping of sour, and keep your vape taste buds guessing as to which delicious flavor will hit you next! Tear open a package of sweet and sour candy belts, doused in sour sugar and flavored with wild berry juice!

Next, we have Green Lemon (formally Sour Sweet), featuring a mouthful of fruity candies mixed with tarty sour candies that is very similar to one of our favorite candies growing up! Soft and sweet chewy flavor bursts forth in delicious candied fruits. Chewy cherry, smooth oranges, tangy limes, and tart lemons all come together in soft and chewy gummy candies. But as a sleight of hand trick of the wrist, each of these innocent little fruits fall flat into a bowl of sour sugar, transforming the once sugary little candies into a menacing sour fruit army! Brace your vape taste buds against an all-out war of sweet and sour, and let the onslaught of flavor keep you standing your ground!

Lastly in this delicious trio, we have Triple Strawberry (formally Yummy Gum), a deliciously fruity bubble gum blend that will remind you of a timeless bubble gum brand that we are all familiar with. Unwrap a sweet and chewy chunk of strawberry bubblegum and blow all the clouds your vape taste buds desire, bursting with ripe red strawberries wrapped in a candy cloud! This succulent chewy gum was flavored with freshly picked berries from a nearby wild strawberry patch. These ruby-red berries offered a plentiful harvest of sun-kissed goodness in every heaping handful, ready to be swirled into a Willy Wonka candy masterpiece. These sweet strawberries get sliced into slivers and crushed into a pulpy mess, ensuring a burst of wild summer flavor in every puff. A sugary powder is stirred in with the strawberry pulp, offering a chewy and flavorful square of delicious bubblegum candy! Feast on a thick square of sweet and chewy strawberry bubblegum, and enjoy the best of both the fruit and the candy world!

Naked 100 Candy Ejuice is rebranding and will be changing its name to "Naked 100 Fusion Eliquid".

You may receive one of these newly named flavors as we finish our stock and replenish with the new. They are still the same flavor profiles as before but the new names are as follows: Berry Belts is now Straw Lime, Sour Sweet has changed to Green Lemon & Yummy Gum will be Yummy Strawberry.

Sorry for any confusion, we will update our titles and images as soon as we receive full, new stock.

Naked 100 Fusion Reviews

Customer Reviews
Based on 11 reviews
William C.
Kind of watery. But good

Ordered 3 bottles to get different flavor profiles, and I can’t get enough of it! Received my order fast and at a great price! Ordering some more juices as I type this review! Lol

Wendy B.
Kinda harsh on the throat

Didn’t like the flavors. Was trying something new. Would not have gotten these three after I saw the new names. They were lemon

Shalmara T.
King Bellman ftw


Derrick T.
Kiwi Raspberry Nude pair

Very good ejuice

Michael K.
kiwi strawberry

Hassle free ordering, fast service, and a very good price. Everything I was looking for and more. Very pleased!

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